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Mixed Algebra & Calculus Problems

(See attached files for full problem descriptions)

Problem Set 1

1) If 2x + y = 3 and x - y = 3:
a) What is x?

A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) 0 E)-1

b) What is y?

A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) 0 E)-1

2) If you walk 3 miles in one hour and then 4 miles in two hours, what is your average speed for the entire trip? (in mph)

A) 2.33 B) 22.5 C) 3.5 D) 3.67 E) 1.5

3) Jack and Joe leave their homes at the same time and drive toward each other.
Jack drives at 60mph, while Joe drives at 30mph. They pass each other in ten minutes. How far apart were Jack and Joe when they started (in miles)?

A) 5 B) 15 C) 30 D) 90 E) 300

4) If x^2 + 3x-2=0, x=

(see attachment for options)

Problem Set 2

1) (d/dx) cos(ax+b) =

A) sin(a) B) -a sin(ax+b) C) -sin(ax+b) D) -bsin(ax+b)

2) If sin x = 0, then cos x is:

A) 0 B) ±0.5 C) ±1 D)±0.707 E) ±0.866

3) If tan x =1, then x is:

A) 0 B) pi/4 C) pi/3 D) pi/2 E) pi

4) What is the circumference of a circle with radius r?

A) pi r^2 B) pi r C) 2pi r D) pi/r E r/ 2pi

5)What is the radius of a circle whose area is A?

A) piA^2 B) √ (A/pi) C) A / 2pi D) √(pi/A) E) A/pi

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