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Algebra and Trigonometry - 20 Problems

Michelle reads 1,200 words in 7 minutes, and Tricia reads 700 words in 3 minutes.
Who is the faster reader?
Find the unit price for the item:

$6.96 for a dozen pears.
Is the rate equivalent to the rate ?

Solve for the unknown:

A basketball player scored a total of 28 points in the first
Two games of the season. If he continues at the same pace,
How many points should he score in the 18-game season?
Rewrite the statement, using percent notation.

Of 50 houses in a development, 24 are sold.
Write as a fraction or a mixed number.

Solve for the base in the following statement.

11% of what number is 77?
What is 30% of 200?
What percent of 60 is 15?
Estimate 47.8% of 2,500.

8 qt 7 pt
Complete the statement.

475 km = ________ mi
Label the statement either true or false.

An angle is formed by two line segments that share a common endpoint
M y  37

Find the complement of y.
Label the triangle as acute, obtuse, or right.

Find the missing length of the right triangle.


Approximate by giving the two whole numbers that it lies between.

Write the ratio of 21 to 27 in lowest terms.


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