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    Factoring polynomials

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    Factor each trinomial using the AC method.
    Problem 1:2x^2+11x + 5
    Problem 2:21x +2x-3

    Factoring a difference of two fourth powers.
    Problem 3: m^4 - n^4
    Problem 4:3x^3 -12x
    Problem 5:8b^2 +24b +18
    Problem 6:3x^2 -18x -48

    factoring two squares:
    Problem 7: x^3+ax+3a+3x^2

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    With the AC method, multiply the leading coefficient and the constant. Factor the product into two integers. For each pair, add up the integers and see which pair will result in the number in the middle. Then take the middle term apart according to the pair arrangement. This method will only work if the polynomial is arranged from the ...

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    This provides several examples of factoring polynomials, including AC method and squares.