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Mathematics - Algebra - Applications of Quadratic Equations

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(1) A manager of a computer company store bought several computers of the same model for $27,000. When all but five of the computers had been sold at a profit of $900 per computer, the original investment of $27,000 had been regained. How many computers were sold, and what was the selling price of each computer?

(2) A corner lot has an L-shaped sidewalk along its sides. The total length of the sidewalk is 51 feet. By cutting diagonally across the lot, the walking distance is shortened to 39 feet. What are the lengths of the two legs of the sidewalks?

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(1) Let the number of computers bought be x.

The cost price per computer = 27000/x

The selling price per computer = 27000/x + 900

The number of computers sold = x ?5

Revenue earned = (27000/x + 900)(x ?5) = 22500 + 900x ?135000/x

By data, this is equal ...

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