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Quadratic equations

Assistance with the attached doc.

Give exact and approximate solutions to 3 decimal places
Solve by completing the square
Find the x-intercepts of
The flower garden has the shape of a right triangle 51 feet of perennial border forms the hypotenuses of the triangle, and leg is 21 feet longer than other leg. Find the length of the leg.
Determine the nature of the solutions of the equation
Write a quadratic equation having the given numbers, as solution
During the first part of a trip, a Canoeist travels 30 miles at a certain speed. The Canoeist travels 11 miles in the second part of the trip at a speed 5mph slower. The total time for the trip is 2 hrs. What was the speed on each part of the trip?
If a pro basketball player has a vertical leap of about 25 inches, what is his hang time? Use the hang time function, . Answer in seconds.


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The solution provides examples of working with quadratic equations, including exact and approximate solutions, completing the square, solving word problems, and writing equations.