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Basic Algebra

Evaluating and Solving Expressions

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. Write 54 as a product of prime factors. Evaluate the six expressions below. Write each response as an integer or as a fraction. (-8)^2 (-2)^4 (1/5)^3 4^2/5 (-1/2)^2 -6^2 Evaluate. Evaluate the expression when and

Quadratic Formula

Solve the following equation for x by using the quadratic formula: (with and without decimal points) 5x^2 + 9x + 1 =0

15 Basic Algebra Problems

1. Reduce if possible: (p^2 + 5p + 6)/(p^2 + 2p - 3) 2. Multiply: (x^2 - 3x + 2)/(x^2 - 4x + 4) times (x^2 + x - 6)/(x^2 - 1) 3. For what values of p is #1 undefined? 4. For what values of x is #2 undefined? 5. Find the LCD of the following: 1/(x + 2) and 1/(x^2 + 2x). 6. Find the LCD of the following: 1/(x^2 +

Fixed Point Equations

The chapter in question is about Iteration.(x2 means x squared). It talks about the Fixed point rule. It describes a fixed opint equation as x2 + 1/8 = x; that is x2 - x + 1/8 = 0 It then gives another example: Determine the fixed points of the function f(x) = -1/8x2 + 11/8x + 1/2 and states that the fixed point equation

Basic Algebra

Practice skills- 16 Problems Each correct answer is worth 6-1/4 points 1. Write in simplest form. A) -2r3s2t B) C) D) 2. Write in simplest form. A) B) C) 4a4b D) 3. Multiply. A) B) C) D) 4. Multiply. A) B) C) -n2 +

Writing Equations from Word Problems

The equation for the distance of the room is: d=20+5t and the equation for the distance of Peter is d=vt =10t Such that setting the two equations together we see that at t=4 seconds, the distance that Peter travelled is the same as the distance of the room 40ft. However, here he only drops of one paper and he must go back

Math quiz: 18 algebra problems

1. Decide whether each of the following is a quadratic equation or not. a. 3 - X^2 = 9x b. X^3 - 8 = 0 c. 2X^2 - 7X + 1 d. -5 - X^2 + 8X = 0 e. 6 + 5X - X^2 2. Find f(-3) if f(x) = -2x^3-8x^2+2x-1 3. Do the math and express without negative exponents: x^(-7) * x^3 4. Do the math and express without negative expon

Evaluating Exponential Functions

Human populations can be modeled using an exponential growth function. Use the Library for research or other resources to find the following: Current world population Current U.S. population Current growth rate of the world population Current growth rate of the U.S. population Starting in the current year, determine

Odd and Even Functions

Which of the following functions is an even function? Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems.

Algebra Word Problems : 'Together and Alone' Problems

Problem 1:Suppose one painter can paint the entire house in twelve hours, and the second painter takes eight hours . How long would it take the two painters together to paint the house? Problem 2: Two trains leave the same train station at the same time , but in opposite direction. The faster train travels at an average ra

Logarithms and Exponents

For problems 1 -3, use the algebraic definition of the logarithm to evaluate (simplify) the expression by hand and state the property number used. All work must be shown. 1. log8 (8^(x-1) 2. log4 ((1/16)^7) 3. log (0.0001) For problems 4 - 6, solve for x exactly by hand. 4. log5 (x - 1) = 1 5. log2 (1/8) = x 6. lo

Integers and Real Numbers

Draw the real line and label from about -5 to 5 in increments of 1. There are an infinite amount of integers on the real line. Based on your sketch you'll also agree with me that there are twice as many total integers as there are positive integers, right? But how many positive integers are there? That's it... an infinite am

Word Problems : Solving Equations

1. It takes a passenger 5 hours less time than it takes a cargo plane to make the trip from Los Angeles to London. If the passenger plane averages 700 miles per hour on the trip while the cargo plane averages 450 miles per hour, how far is it from Los Angeles to London? 2. The molecular formula for Acetone. How many hydro

Graphs of Inequalities

If the inequality involves only x, then graph the vertical line x = k. x > k is the region to the right of the line. x = k is the line itself. x < k is the region to the left of the line. Could there be a horizontal line? What would be it's equation/inequality? How do you decide on a so

Algebra Word Problems

1. Three consecutive even integers are such that the square of the third is 76 more than the square of the second. Find the three integers. 2. A photo is 3 inches longer that it is wide. A 2-inch border is placed around the photo making the total area of the photo and border 108in2. What are the dimensions of the photo?

Similarity Classes of 6x6 Polynomials

Abstract Algebra II - Modules. This is for the second problem #11 Find all similarity classes of 6x6 matrices over C with caracteristic polynomial (x^4 - 1)(x^2 - 1).

Should We Purchase That New Copier?

Campus Print Shop is thinking of purchasing a new, modern copier that automatically collates pages. The machine would cost $22,000 cash. A service contract on the machine, considered a must because of its complexity, would be an additional $200 per month. The machine is expected to last eight years and have a resale value of $4,