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    Algebra - Graphing, Solving and Using equations

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    1.The equation y= -1777x+25,153 can be used to predict the number y of gun deaths in The United States x years after 2000, that is,
    x=0 corresponds to 2000, x=2 corresponds to 2002, x=4 corresponds to 2004,
    And so on. Predict the number of gun death in 2004 and 2005.
    In what year will the number of gun death be 11,160?

    The predict gun death in 2004 will be ___

    The predict gun death in 2008 will be ___

    The predicted number of gun deaths will be 9,383 in the year ____

    2.Solve the following system of equations
    x + 3y = 6 (1)
    x = 2 - 3y (2)
    Type an ordered pair or type N if there is no solution

    3. Solve by the elimination method
    2x + 3y = 4
    4x + 6y = 8

    4. Graph the line containing the given pair of points and find the slope
    Find the slope of the line

    5. Use the intercepts to graph the equation
    x + 2y = 4

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    a. late 2007
    b. 18045
    c. 10937
    d. late 2008

    2. x + ...

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    A series of algebra problems - using equations to solve real problems. Use the elimination method and graphing to extract key data with regard to algebraic equations.