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    The financial institution was very pleased with your presentation and has asked you to place the advertising ads. You have found out the best way to ensure the best outcome for your customer is through the use of systems of equations. After reading up on systems of equations, you have found out how powerful they can be for solving complex business problems. Also, in your research, you found that there are many different ways for solving these types of equations such as graphing, substitution, elimination, and matrices. To ensure your understanding of solving systems of equations, practice the following four different ways:

    Provide 1 example of a system of linear equations in 2 variables.
    Solve these equations by the four methods that you have researched for this phase. Be sure to explain your steps in your calculations.
    Discuss the challenges that you encountered for each method.
    Are there any situations in which you would prefer one method over the other? Explain.

    OBJECTIVE: Solve equations and systems of equations in two variables, formulate real-world problems in terms of linear equations and solve these systems by several commonly applied methods

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