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Basic Algebra

Simplifying Expressions

Simplify: 2 w^4 w^-4 y^7 * 6u^-7* 6y^-4 u^-1 Write the answer without using negative exponents.


Find the greatest common factor of the two expressions 10 t y z and 25 y^2 z^8 Simplify the answer as much as possible.

Simplifying Expressions

Evaluate the following two expressions. Write the answer without exponents. a) 16 ^ - 3/2 b) ( 1/8) ^ 4/3

Simplifying Radicals

Write in simplified radical form by rationalizing the denominator -2 sqrt 2 + 2 ----------------- -3 sqrt 2+ 5

Simplifying Expressions

Reduce the following rational expression to its lowest terms: 9 u^4 w^4 --------------------- 9 w z^6 + 6 w^3

Solving Quadratic Equations

Find the roots of the quadratic equation: z^2 + 9z + 20 =0 (If there is more than one root, separate them with commas.)

Simplifying Expressions

Simplify: Write your answer without using negative exponents. 4z^7 w^-9 * 8 x *3 z^-7 x^7 w^6

Stationary Points and Minimum Surface Area

A) Given the function z = x3 - 6xy +y3, find and classify the stationary points. b) Show that the minimum surface area of a rectangular box (which has a top), of volume 8 cubic meters, is equal to 24 square meters.

Algebra Word Problems

Julia wants to have a small but productive orchard. Experienced farmers have told her that if she plants 20 trees, she will get 24 bushels of fruit from each tree. But every additional tree she plants will cause crowding and result in an orchard-wide drop in yield of 1 bushel per tree. How many trees should she plant to get t

Simplifying Expressions

Write the following: 5au 4x^2 --------------- + ----------- 9d^2 k^2 3a^2 k as a single rational expression

Simplifying Expressions

Express the following sum as a single fraction: 3x + t 7x + 5t - ------------ + ------------- 2x 2x Reduce the result to lowest terms whenever possible

Simplifying Expressions

Write without parentheses ( u^4) ^2 ------ (-2 w^3) NOTE: There should only be one parentheses. I couldn't figure out how to enclose the problem in I included two.