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Algebra Word Problems

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Section 10.1
Time to swing. The period T (time in seconds for one complete
cycle) of a simple pendulum is related to the length L
(in feet) of the pendulum by the formula 8T2 _ _2L. If a
child is on a swing with a 10-foot chain, then how long
does it take to complete one cycle of the swing?
Section 10.2
Diagonal brace. The width of a rectangular gate is 2 meters
(m) larger than its height. The diagonal brace measures
_6_ m. Find the width and height.
Sharing cost. The members of a flying club plan to share
equally the cost of a $200,000 airplane. The members
want to find five more people to join the club so that the
cost per person will decrease by $2000. How many members
are currently in the club?
Section 10.3
Gone fishing. Debbie traveled by boat 5 miles upstream to
fish in her favorite spot. Because of the 4-mph current, it
took her 20 minutes longer to get there than to return. How
fast will her boat go in still water?
Open-top box. Thomas is going to make an open-top box
by cutting equal squares from the four corners of an
11 inch by 14 inch sheet of cardboard and folding up the
sides. If the area of the base is to be 80 square inches, then
what size square should be cut from each corner?
Golden painting. An artist wants her painting to be in the
shape of a golden rectangle. If the length of the painting is
36 inches, then what should be the width? See the previous

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