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Basic Algebra


EXPONENTIAL MODELING: I want you to locate data that can be effectively modeled using an exponential function. Check the scatter plot to be sure that your data is appropriate for an exponential model! Please include the following components in your finished assignment: 1. A data table showing your original data, with a re

Simplifying Expressions : Laws of Exponents

Ronnie invested P dollars in a 2 year CD with an annual rate of return of r. After the CD rolled over three times, its value was P( (1+r)^2)^3. Which law of exponents can be used to simplify the expression. Simplify it.

Simplifying Expressions

Perform the indicated operation - please show all steps: 46. (w^2 - 2w + 1) + (2w - 5 + w^2) 60. (t^2 - 6t + 7) - (5t^2 - 3t - 2)

Algebra Problem Set: Inequalities, Absolute Value

66. Young's rule for determining the amount of a medicine dosage for a child is given by C = where a is the child's age and ad is the usual adult dosage, in milligrams. The dosage of a medication for a 5 year old child must stay between 50mg and 100 mg. Find the equivalent adult dosage. 52. 2|2x - 7| + 11 = 25

Radical expressions

See attached file for full problem description. 1. After an accident, how do police determine the speed at which the car had been traveling? The formula r = 2 sqrt(5L) can be used to approximate the speed r, in miles per hour, of a car that has left a skid mark of length L, in feet. How far will a car skid at 65mph? at 100

Algebra questions: solving equations, simplifying, graphing, etc.

Algebra Questions. See attached file for full problem description. 1. Solve 15x = 2x2 + 16 2. The width is 7 feet less than the length; the area is 18 square feet. Find the length and width. 3. Solve x2 + 4x - 12 < 0 4. Solve (x + 3)/(x - 4) < 0 5. Find f(-13) for f(x) = third root of (2x - 1) 6. Rewrite (third roo

quadratic equation and inequality

1) What is the meaning and purpose of the axis of a quadratic function? 2) Solve the inequalities. State the solution set using interval notation for: (x - 4) / (x + 3) < 0 and then for: (x - 4) / (x + 3) > 0 What do you get when uniting the two sets of solutions? 3) The surface area A, of a cylinder with heigh

Solving equations

Find all real and imaginary solutions Find exact and approximate solutions: Find two positive real numbers that differ by 4 and have a product of 4. See attached file for full problem description.

Algebra questions: quadratic equations, word problems

See attached file for full problem description. 4. a) Solve 36x2 + 49 = 0 b) Find the x-intercept of f(x) = 36x2 + 49 6. Solve 3x2 - 7 = 0 16. Solve (t - 2)2 = 25 56. Use the hang-time function V(T) = 48T2, relating vertical leap to hang time. Tracy McGrady, of the Houston Rockets, has a vertical leap of 40

Quadratic Equations and Functions

20. The hypotenuse of a right triangle is 22m long. The length of one leg is 0m less than the other. Find the lengths of the legs. 26. A turbo-jet flies 50 mph faster than a super-prop plane. If a turbo-jet goes 2000 mi in 3 hr less time than it takes the super-prop to go 2800 mi, find the speed of each plane Quadrati

Algebra problems

Simplify the expressions:( 54b4 x4 1/3) ( ___________), (6ax4)2 (2x)-2, 5y 4b 16bx2 ___ + ____ axy2 b

Basic Algebra : Graphing

3) x -2 -1 0 1 2 y .25 .5 1 2 4 Given the table above, graph the function, identify the graph of the function (line, parabola, hyperbola, or exponential), explain your choice, and give the domain and range as shown in the graph, and also the domain and range of the entire function. Graph Graph Type Explanation D

Quadratic Equations and Functions (10 Problems)

4. 2 Solve 36x + 49 = 0 2 b. Find the x-intercepts of f(x) = 36x + 49. Solve. Give the exact solution and approximate solutions to three decimal places, when appropriate. 2 6. 3x - 7 = 0 2 16. (t-2) = 25

Radical Expressions, Equations and Functions

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. Simplify by factoring. Assume that all expressions under radicals represent nonnegative numbers. 14 9 23 20. so it should like this p q r I just didn't know how to d

Irreducible Palindromic Polynomials, Reducible and Irreducible

3.- a) Determine the number of polynomials f(x) of degree 6 over for which f(1)=1 and f(0)=1. b) Determine the number of polynomials of degree 6 over that are reducible but have no linear factors. How this is possible, please can you explain this? Hint Consider the possible factorizations. c) Determine


Solve and graph 52. [8x - 3(3x + 2)] - 5 > = 3(x + 4) - 2x Solve: 25. Elaine's height is 67in. Determine, in terms of an inequality, those weights W that will keep her body mass index below 25. 76. A long-distance telephone call using Down East Calling costs 10 cents for the first minute and 8 cents for each additional

Determine in terms of an inequalities

Inequality Calculations. See attached file for full problem description. 9.1 52. [8x - 3(3x + 2)] - 5 ≥ 3(x + 4) - 2x First distribute it into the parenthesis, then move x into the left side of the inequality. Remember to change the sign if a negative number is multiplied or divided. 72. Elaine's height is 67 in.

R-Modules and Submodules

(10)Let R be a ring with 1 and let M be a left R-module. Let N be a submodule of M. Prove that if both M/N and N are finitely generated then so is M.

Common and Natural Logarithms

Common and Natural Logarithms 1. For the exponential function ex and logarithmic function log x, graphically show the effect if x is doubled. The exponential function f (x) = e^x you will also need to graph f (x) = e^(2x). The common logarithmic function f (x) = log x You will also need to graph f (x) = log (2x).

Bouncing ball Lab - Algebra

Lee Way was conducting an experiment with a new mega ball. Use the following tables of values to complete the question for Part I (A) Identify the independent variable and the dependent variable. x=_________________ y=_____________ (B) Graph your results (C) What is the rebounding height if the ball is dropped from 10

Develop separate schedules by using the FCFS, SPT and EDD rules. Compare the schedules on the basis of average flow time,the average early time and average past due hours for any order.

The hickory company manufactures wooden desks. Management schedules overtime every weekend to reduce the backlog on the most popular models. The automatic routing machine is used to cut certain types of edges on the desktops the following orders need to be scheduled for the routing machine: Order Estimated Machine time(h

Equations and graphing

See attached file for full problem description. 1. Rewrite the equation 4x - 10y = 11 as a function of x. 2. Write the equation of the line that passes through point (1, -8) with a slope of 0. 3. Given f(x) = 5x2 - 3x + 1, find f(-2). 4. Write the equation of the line passing through (-6, -3) and (-6, 1). 5. One day,

Algebra Word Problems

Tom took 16 hours to drive the 1,000 highway miles from Chicago to Boston. He drove the first eight hours at constant speed, and then had to lower his speed considerably by 25 miles per hour for the remainder of his journey to Boston on account of construction. However, he maintained this constant lower speed for another 8 hours

Twenty questions on algebra

Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. Round off 345.0149 to three decimal places. a. 345.015 b. 345.01 c. 345 d. None of the above For questions 2 through 5 use the following values of X: 1, 7, 0, 8 and -6 ____ 2. &#8721;&#935; a. 28 b. 10 c. 22 d