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Basic Algebra

Algebra: factoring instructions

These questions are very similar to the ones that will be on an exam so please review responses for accuracy, simplfy when asked on instructions, and be as detailed as possible for studying purposes. Thanks,

Demand for Tropical Pools Formula

Attached is a copy of my study guide that I am studying this week. There are three questions. Please, please, please double check for accuracy. It would be nice to have a detailed explanation that will assist me for studying purposes. Section 6.2 70. Perform the indicated operation. Section 6.4 Perform the i


A discount store sold plastic cups for $3.50 each and ceramic cups for $4 each. If 400 cups were sold for a total of $1,458, how many cups of each type were sold? What was the dollar value of each type of cup sold?

Exponents Response

Please explain how you come up with the answer after solving the problems. Thanks a. [(6x5y3z) * 3x2] / (2xy2z5) b. (2)0/3 c. (u5z8 ) / (z-5u-4 ) d. -(4a4b7)3 e. [(9a3)/(10b4)]-2 f. (6x5y2z-4)/(4x-2y4z-1) g. 251/2/102

Quadratic Equations and Completing the Square

2 Separate problems: Solve by completing the square: x^2 + x +10 = 0 Solve: A record for free-fall to the ground without a parachute is 175 ft. How long did the fall take, using the formula s=16t^2

quadratic equation for solving word problems

Solve: Billy's Designs has determined that when x motorcycles are built, the average cost per bicycle is given by C(x) = 0.5X^2 - 0.6x + 2.265, where C(x) is in hundreds of dollar. how many motorcylces should the shop build to minimize the average costs? Solve: Write a quadratic equation in the variable x using the give

Quadratic Equation Word Problems

1:The outside of a frame measures 14 in by 20 in. 224 in^2 of the picture shows. Find the thickness of the frame? 2:The outside of a frame measures 11 in by 12 in. 30 in^2 of the picture shows. Find the thickness of the frame? 3: A car travels 910 mi at a certain speed. if the speed had been 5 miles per hour faster, the tr

Quadratic Equations and Functions

Solve for the indicated letter: R = 11b/C^2, for C Determine the nature of the solutions of the equation x^2 + 15 = 0 Choose the nature of the solutions of the equations 1: 1 Real Solution 2: 2 real solutions 3: 2 Imaginary solutions

Evaluating expressions for a purpose

1. Evaluate: -2 x 5 + ((-1)^3 - 2)^2 (NOTE) The negative 1 is in a parenthesis by itself. 2. Simplify -4(-6u + y) + (4y + 6u). 4. Rewrite without an exponent (5/7)^2 5. Write 888 in scientific notation 6. Calculate (-5 x 10^8)^2 7. Simplify (-y^2 + 6y - 9) + (-9y^2 - 4) - (6y^2 - 6y + 9).

Algebra - Please see attached. Thanks,

Section 5.1 Factor out the GCF in each expression. 68. 15x y - 9xy + 6x y Factor each polynomial completely. 62. x y + 2x y + xy Section 5.5 Factor each polynomial completely. If a polynomial is a prime, say so. 72. 3x - 18x - 48 Section 4.3 Add or subtract the polynomials vertically.

Simplifying Equations & Problems

1. Simplify: 4[a - b(2 + 3a)] - 3a[2+b(4 - a)] 2. Simplify: (7x2 - 2y + z) + (3y - z) + (4x2 - 6y) 3. Simplify: (8x2 - xy + 4y2) - (12x2 - y2 + 7xy) 4. Simplify: (12x2y2 - 15xy2)/(3xy) 5. Simplify: 5x[(3x2 + x - 4) + (9x2 - 6x)/(3x)] 6. Simplify: 8 - {3x + 9y - (2x - y) + 8x + 5y} 7.If P = 2y - 6xy - 3x and Q = 4 -

Example Algebra and Short Answer Questions

1. Simplify the algebraic expression 3x2 - 2y + 7x2 - 5y + 3 and evaluate it for x = 2, y = 14. Identify the variables, constants, and coefficients in the simplified expression. 2. In a certain triangle, the second side is one-third of the first side in length. The third side is 2 meters less than the first side. The perimet

Factoring by grouping given polynomial group terms

What is factoring by grouping? What is a prime polynomial? Please show examples for both. What is a common factor? Where do you use the common factor in an expression consisting of various terms? What is a zero factor property? How does this help in solving equations?

Math problems

(1) By looking at two linear equations, how can you tell that the corresponding lines are parallel? Give examples. (2) How do you interpret the solution of a system of equations by the corresponding graph? Give examples. (3) When graphing a linear inequality, how do you know if the inequality represents the area above the

Algebra and Logarithmic Functions

1. If a is a positive real number, such that a is not equal to 1, and a^x=b, then what is the logarithmic function? 2. Which of the following equations is correct? a)log10 (0.1) =1 b)log16 2=4 c)log3 9=2 d)log5 125 =25

Basic Algebraic Operations and Notations

1. How do I find the vertex and intercepts of the function f(x)=x^2+x-2 ? 2. Find the quotient and the remainder of (x^4-2x^2+3)/(x+1) 3. How do I write the expression using exponent notation of square root 5z ? 4. How do I write the expression using radical notation, 7^-3/5 ?

Variable versus variable expression

Explain how to evaluate an algebraic expression for given values of the variables. How would a person evaluate the expression "3x - 4y + 9" when x = 2 and y = 5? (i) Explain the difference between a variable, a variable expression, and an equation. (ii) Explain the difference between a constant and a variable. (iii) Explain

Perform factoring using the required method.

Find the greatest common factor for each group... 16x^2 z, 40xz^2, 72z^3 Factor out for the GCF 15x^2y^2-9xy^2+6x^2y a(a+1) -3(a+9) Factor completely 9a^2-64b^2 x^3y + 2x^2y^2 + xy^3 use grouping to factor x^3 + ax + 3a + 3x^2 factor and if it is prime say so...... 18z + 45 + z^2 h^2-9h

exponential and logarithmic

I need help understanding the forms and characteristics of exponential and logarithmic. 1. What are the general forms of function for exponential and logarithmic? 2. Please show a simple example of each exponential and logarithmic functions 3. What are at least four characteristics of graphical representation for each e

Break-even Analysis :sample question

Power Notebooks plans to manufacture a new line of notebook computers. The screens cost $100 each. To set up assembly process required to produce screens in house would cost $100,000. Company could produce screens for $75. Number of notebooks that eventually will be produced (Q) is unknown at this point. a) Set up a spreads

Trial and error

Often the problems require trial-and-error approaches instead of canned methods. How do you approach these types of problems and why? Examples are encouraged.

Rational Exponents and Functions

Part 1: Using the Library, web resources, and/or other materials, find the average weight in pounds of a type of bird of your choice. Use the rational exponent equation L = 2.43 * W^0.3326 to estimate the wingspan L in feet of the bird that weighs W pounds (Rockswold, 2006). Include in your post the type of bird and the average

Algebra Exercises - Equations and Inequalities

1) If a < b, then -a > -b Why? 2) What role of operations that applies when you are solving an equation does not apply when you are solving an inequality? ---Give examples to explain your answers. Section 1.6: Exercises 100 and 104 Section 2.1: Exercises 92 and 94 Section 2.2: Exercises 78, 86, and 90 S

Find the average weight in pounds of a type of bird of your choice.

Part I Using the library, web resources, and/or other materials, find the average weight in pounds of a type of bird of your choice. Use the rational exponent equation L= 2.43*W^0.3326 to estimate the wingspan L in feet of the bird that weights W pounds (Rockswold, 2006). Include in your post the type of bird and the average we

Polynomials, exponents, and scientific notation

Using the power rules with integral exponents (2s^-1t^3)/(6s^2t-4)^3 9.3*10-5 Computations with scientific notations 9*10^-4/3*10^-6 Evaluating Polynomials -2x^4 - 3x^2 + 5x -9 for x =2 Multiplying Monomials -12sq * 3a Multiplying Polynomials (3c^2d - d^3 + 1) 8cd^2 Perform the operation (5x-6)(5x-6)

Please send your solutions as early as possible. Thank you in advance

Please check attached file. And when you send your solutions, please use Microsoft word, doc. format for attachment. Problem #1. Telephoto lens. Please Use this formula: 1/f = 1/o + 1/i Problem # 2. Upstream, downstream. Junior's boat will go 15 miles per hour in still water. If he can go 12 miles downstream in the s

PowerPoint Presentation on a rational function graph on a discussion board

In addition to the basic graph, programmers and game designers also need a resource to help them understand, analyze, and graph rational functions that frequently come up in their games designs. First, pick a rational function and graph it. for example, y = 1/x is a rational function. The graph looks like one seen in the foll

Probability Binomial Distribution

A businessman has an important meeting to attend, but he is running a little late. He can take one route to work that has six stoplights or another, longer route that has two stoplights. He figures that if he stops at more than half of the lights on either route, he will be late for the meeting. Assume independence, and assume t

Type Pythagorean theorem as a^2 +b^2 = c^2

Assignment Detail MTH133-0902B-32 College Algebra Assignment Name: Unit 2 Discussion Board Deliverable Length: 2-3 paragraphs Details: Library Assignment Measure the height of your computer monitor to the nearest tenth of a centimeter or sixteenth of an inch. Measure the width of your monitor as well. Use the Py