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3 Algebra Questions...!!!

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Attached is a copy of my study guide that I am studying this week. There are three questions. Please, please, please double check for accuracy. It would be nice to have a detailed explanation that will assist me for studying purposes.

Section 6.2

70. Perform the indicated operation.

Section 6.4

Perform the indicated operation. Reduce each answer to lowest terms.

40. + 2y

Section 5.2

100. Demand for pools. Tropical Pools sells an aboveground model for p dollars each. The monthly revenue for this model is given by the formula

R(p) = -0.08p + 300p.

Revenue is the product of the price p and the demand (quantity sold).

A. Factor out the price on the right-hand side of the formula.
B. Write a formula D(p) for the monthly demand.
C. Find D(3000).
D. Use the accompanying graph to estimate the price at which the revenue is maximized. Approximately how many pools will be sold monthly at this price?

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