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Basic Algebra

Mathematics in Investing Rate

Hi can some help me with the below questions? 1. What does 200% mean? If you have a job making $5 an hour and you receiva a 200% raise how much will you be making after the 200% raise? 2.Is is better to invest your money where it will earn interest at a rate of 7% per year or to invest it where it will be multiplied by 2/3

Cumulative Equation Problems

Ch. 10 Cumulative Problems 1) solve (X - 4)2 = 3 2) solve 5 (X - 2)2 = 3 3) solve - 9 (X - 3)2 = - 7 4) solve by completing the square 2 X2 - 8 X - 9 = 0 5) solve by completing the square 4 X2 + 2 X - 3 = 0 6) solve by using the quadratic formula 4 X2 - 3 X + 3 = 0 7) solve by using the quadratic formula 5

Functions & Graphs Your mission is to find real-world data for company sales, a stock price, biological growth, or some sociological trend ... A printer has a contract to print 100,000 invitations for a political candidate. He can run the invitations by using any...

Functions & Graphs Group Activity #3 Modeling Your mission is to find real-world data for company sales, a stock price, biological growth, or some sociological trend over a period of years that fits an exponential, logistic, or logarithmic function. To do this, you can look at a statistical graph called a histogram which d

McClaurin Series Expansion

What is the best way to expand e^(Tan x) in a McClaurin Series for 5 terms without going blind? I tried it using brute force (taylor series) and decided there must be a simpler way known only to math majors.

Algebra - Solving Polynomial & Rational Functions

Exercise 4.5 27. Advertising and Sale The monthly sales volume y (in thousand of dollars) of a product is related to monthly advertising expenditures x (in thousands of dollars) according to the equation. Y= 400x x+20 a. What monthly sales will result if $50

Mathematics - Polynomial & Rational Functions

Exercise 4.1 29. Daily Revenue The daily revenue from the sale of a product is given by R = -0.1x³ + 11x² - 100x dollars, where x is the number of units sold. a. Graph this function on the window [-100,100] by [-5000, 25,000]. How many turning points do you see? b. Because x represents the number of units sold, what restric

Mathematics - Exponential & Logarithmic Functions

Please resend the solutions below. Exercise 3.4 (from posting 267232, was missing the table, so was unable to get the solution) 23. Life Span The table below gives the life expectancy for the people in the United State for the birth years 1910-1998. a. Find the logarithmic function that models these data, with x equal

Appendix C Starting a Business

Appendix C Starting a Business Starting your own business can be exciting and daunting at the same time. Businesses use math when managing finances, determining production levels, designing products and packaging, and monitoring labor. A bakery can be a highly profitable and rewarding business. During this activity, you wi

Algebra - Solving exponential & logarithmic functions

Exercise 3.1 25 Continuous Compounding If $8000 is invested for t years at 8% interest compounded continuously, the future value is given by S=8000e0.08t dollars. a. Graph this function for 0< t < 15. b. Use the graph to estimate when the future value will be $20,000. 27. Radioactive Decay The amount of radioactive isotope

Determining Puzzles in Statistics

Determine the name of each race, the full name of each winner (Sam is a man), and the age of each winner. 1. The 5 mile race and the 1 mile trail were both won by women. The 63 year old did not win the wheelchair roundabout. Susans last name was not West. 2. The sack sprint was won by the 16 year old. Mr. Panda who wa

Mathematics - An Algebraic Word Problem

Question: Bob will rent a car for the weekend. He can choose one of two payment plans. The first plan costs $51.98 for two days plus 13 cents per mile. The second plan costs $39.98 for two days plus 15 cents per mile. How many miles does Bob need to drive for the two plans to cost the same?

Slope Intercept and Line Equations

Write equation in slope-intercept form: y+3= -3(x-6) Find equation of line that goes through the given point and has given slope. Answer in slope intercept form: (-1,-5), -8 Find equation of line. write answer in slope intercept form. "The line is parallel to -3x + 2y=9 and contains the point (-2,1) Find the equ

Equation and Inequality

Give a real-world example of where a business would have a need to find a break-even or equilibrium point. Then discuss the differences if the information was given as an inequality versus an equation.

Functions of Two Projectiles

Exercise 2.5 15. Cell Phones The following table gives the number of millions of U.S. cellular telephone subscribers. a. Create a scatter plot for the data with x equal to the number of years from 1985. Does it appear that the data could be modeled with a quadratic function? b. Find the quadratic function that is the best fi

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions.

Using formula A=Pe^rt How long would it take to double your money if you start with a principle of 2000 at 8% interest with continuous compounding. Round to the nearest hundredth's place. 4000=2000e^.08(t), solve for t.

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions.

Suppose that the function P=13+45In x represents the percentage of inbound e-mail in the U.S. that is considered spam, where x is the number of years after 2000. Determine the percentage of spam in year 2003. round to two decimal places. Using this model determine how many years to reach 95%.

Law of Large Numbers and Gender Distribution

Simulate a family of four children by flipping a coin 4 times, each flip of the coin represents one child in the family with male = tails, female = heads. Report the # of females in your simulated family. Now repeat this 30 times. When all the results are combined what is the proportion of females? Is the proportion the sam

Mechanical Solution on Weber Model

6) You need to locate a helicopter service to serve the following locations in Alaska. The average number of trips per month follows the "map." Locate the service to minimize the over all flying miles per month. Each grid mark represents 10 miles. Trips to A will be 2

Net from the Sale

Famous Danish Corp is replacing an old cookie cutter with a new one. The cookie cutter is being sold for 25,000 and it has a net book value of 75,000. Assume that Famous Danish is in the 34% income tax bracket. How much will Famous Danish net from the sale? a.61,000 b 55,000 c. 75,000 d. 42,000

Algebra problem using radical and Rational Exponents

For the following function, C computes a value, where if you add millions of dollars to the value, the result is the cost of implementing a city recycling project when x, as a percent(not its decimal equivalent), citizens participate. C(x)= 1.5x/100-x 1). Using this model, determine the cost if 60% of the citizens particip

College Algebra

See Attached for complete details of the problems. - The height of a rocket is given by the equation where the height is measured in feet above the ground and the time, t, is measured in seconds. How long will it take for the rocket to hit the ground? - Ann has a 32 oz. bowl of M&Ms on her coffee table. The candies are 50%

Rational equation word problems

Answer the following questions. Use Equation Editor to write mathematical expressions and equations. First, save this file to your hard drive by selecting Save As from the File menu. Click the white space below each question to maintain proper formatting. 1. The cost, in millions of dollars, to remove x % of pollution in a lak

Annuities and Sinking Funds - Calculating Lump Sum Needed

Carolyn Ellis is setting up an annuity for her retirement. She can set aside $2,000 at the end of each year for the next 20 years and it will earn 6% annual interest. What lump sum will she need to set aside today at 6% annual interest to have the same retirement fund available 20 years from now? How much more will Carolyn ne

Evaluate the functions

Answer the following question: For the exponential function ex and logarithmic function log x, graphically show the effect if x is halved. Include a table of values for all four functions. Evaluate the functions for the values of x given as 1, 2, 4, 8, and 16. Rank in order from fastest to slowest the rate at whi

Elementary Algebra: Basic Operations with Polynomials

Elementary Algebra: Basic Operations with Polynomials) 2. Which of the following expressions represents the product of 3 less than twice x and 2 more than the quantity 3 times x ? A. -6x2 + 25x + 6 B. 6x2 + 5x + 6 C. 6x2 - 5x + 6 D. 6x2 - 5x - 6 E. 6x2 - 13x - 6 (Elementary Algebra: Substituting Values into Algeb

Functions and Graphs

1.Give an example of an exponential function. Convert this exponential function to a logarithmic function. Plot the graph of both the functions. 2.Form each of the following: ?A linear equation in one variable ?A linear equation in two variables ?A quadratic equation ?A polynomial of three terms ?An exponential fu


Please see attached file for the complete details of the problems. WEEK 3 HOMEWORK DQ1 1. Why do you factor a quadratic equation before you solve? Give an example. 2. When solving a rational equation, why it is OK to remove the denominator by multiplying both sides by the LCD and why can you not do the same opera