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Basic Algebra

Restrictions on Reducing to Lowest Terms

Reduce to lowest terms. (w^2 − 49) / (w + 7) The given expression is called a rational expression because both numerator and denominator are polynomials. A rational expression is not defined for those values of the variable that make the denominator 0. Thus, the expression (w^2 – 49)/(w + 7) is defined only when w + 7

Simple Factoring Question

Hi, if I have some equation: u_{xx} - 3u_{xt} - 4u_{tt} = 0, How does this factor to: (u_x + u_t)*(u_x-4u_t) = 0? Thanks

Several Algebra problems

Please help me solve these problems 1. Solve. Then graph 9x>27 Choose the correct solution a. {x|x|>3} b. {x|x|<3} c. {x|x|&#8804;3} d. {x|x|&#8805;3} 2. Find the indicated outputs for f(x) =4x2 - 4x F (0) = F (-1) = F (2) = 3. Solve by the elimination method. 3x+4y=1 6x+8y=2 4. Solve the following system of eq

Algebraic expressions - Choose one of the concepts for rational expressions from Chapter 6 that helps you to ... Reduce to lowest terms ... (see attachment for complete description) w^2-49 _______ w + 7

Choose one of the concepts for rational expressions from Chapter 6 that helps you to solve an equation with a rational expression. Attempt to explain this concept to the class in your own words, tell why it is important when attempting to solve an equation with a rational expression, then give an example. Use the problem below

Reducing rational expression to lowest terms

Explain this concept and, tell why it is important when attempting to solve an equation with a rational expression. Complete the problem below as an example in explaining your answer Reducing to Lowest Terms Reduce each rational expression to lowest terms. Assume that the variables represent only numbers for which the den

Step-wise answer to Inequalities

1. Why does the inequality sign change when both sides are multiplied or divided by a negative number? Does this happen with equations? Why or why not? Write an inequality to be solved with the answer. In your inequality, use both the multiplication and addition properties of inequalities. 2. How do you know if a value is

9.1 108 (See attached file for complete description)

9.1 108 9.2 128. Radius of a sphere. The radius of a sphere........ 132. Top bond fund. An investment of $10,000 in the....... 9.3 114. Area of a triangle. Find the exact area of a triangle..... . 9.5 115. Kepler's third law. According to Kepler's third law of.......... 116. Orbit of Venus. If the averag

Equations with Rational Expressions in the Real World

We encounter rational expressions all the time in the real world, often without even realizing it. Now it's your turn to come up with a real-world example from your work or personal life of using an equation with a rational expression to solve a real-world problem. Please give the example, setup the problem, then solve it,

Square Roots of numbers ending in 25 (see attachment)

To find the square of any number with 2 or more digits with 5 as the last digit. 15 ^ 2 = you multiply 1 x the next number (2) + 25 = 225 25^2 = you multiply 2 x the next number (3) + 25 = 625 35^2 = you multiply 3 x the next number (4) + 25 = 1225 ... 95^2 = you multiply 9 x the next number (10) + 25 = 9025 and o

Mathematics - Algebra of Rate Questions

Question #21 / 25 Mary drove 378 miles using 15 gallons of gas. At this rate, how many miles would she drive using 8 gallons of gas? Question #22 / 25 There is a sales tax of $9 on an item that costs $125 before tax. The sales tax on a second item is 20. 55 . How much does the second item cost before tax? Questio

Some algebra problems

1. Translate an algebraic expression; The product of 43% of some number 2. Collect like terms 14m+3n-8m-5n= 3. The length of a rectangle is fixed at 22cm. What widths will make the perimeter greater than 78cm? 4. Solve by elimination method 4x+5y=3 8x+10y=6

Factoring the Expression

Find the greatest common factor of the two expressions. 8ux^2y^6 and 2xy^9 Simplify your answer as much as possible.