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Basic Algebra

Algebra: Rearranging Formulas

Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems. Several formulas need to be rearranged so that a given variable ends up being the subject.

Babylonian numbers

I need help with only letter c - which of the following numbers is bigger?

Algebra Word Problems and Hindu-Arabic, Mayan, Roman and Babylonian Numerals

Please see number 1 and the following problems on the attached file : 3-2 6. Wally kept track of last week's money transactions. His salary was $150 plus $54 in overtime and $260 in tips. His transportation expenses were $22, his food expenses were $60, his laundry costs were $15, his entertainment expenditures were $58,

Algebra word problem

How many gallons of a 10% salt solution must be mixed with 20 gallons of a 25% salt solution to produce a 20% salt solution? (Let "x" represent the total number of gallons in the container of 10% solution. Therefore, 20+x will represent the total number of gallons in the final container of 20% solution) a.) Write an algebraic

Algebraic equations

1.) The average of 5 numbers is 36. The first 4 numbers are 17, 23, 50, and 20. Find the 5th number. a.) Write an algebraic equation for this problem using "x" as the missing number. b.) Solve the equation for the missing number (x) 2.) If you invest $1200 at 4% simple interest, how much additional money would you n


Discuss the statement , In order for children to understand the use of paper-and-pencil algorithms, they should explore addition by first using manipulatives. Do you agree with this statement? Give examples from your own life of this principle (taking what you know and applying it to new things). Discuss the importance of

Mathematics and Algebra: Radicals Application Practice

Radicals - Application Practice Answer the following questions. Use Equation Editor to write mathematical expressions and equations. First, save this file to your hard drive by selecting Save As from the File menu. Click the white space below each question to maintain proper formatting. Hint for this assignment: Pay atten

Algebra: Inequalities and Expressing Regions of Inequality

22. 2x -y + 3 > 0 What is the y intercept of the line? Which region satisfies the inequality? 26. Graph the inequality: x+8y > 8 and x -2y < 10. Where do the lines intersect? Which region satisfies the inequality? (N., E., S., or W. of the intersection) 20. Solve the inequality: y < -2x +1, What is the slope of the


See attached Factor 3x^2-11x+6 Simplify (x^2+4x+4)/(x^2-x-6)

Algebra solution to function

Exercise from textbook: Sketch the curves of the given function: y = sqr x; x equal to or greater than 0 y = sqr 2x - 5, x equal to or greater than 5/2 For example when y = 3; x = 7 But I have been unable to 'undo' the equation- what if have y = 3 how does one determine x = 7 ? Thank you

Modeling approach path using a cubic polynomial

An approach path for an aircraft landing is shown in the figure on the next page and satisfies the following conditions: i) The cruising altitude is h when descent starts at a horizontal distance L from touch down at the origin. ii) The pilot must maintain a constant horizontal speed v throughout decent. iii) The absolute val

Rational Expressions, add, subtract etc.

Please help with the following rational expressions and to simplify. Find each function value 2) f(y) = y - 2 / -5 + y; f(-5), f(0), f(10) 6) g(x) 4 -3x / 2 10) f(x) = -4x/-2 + x 14) h(x) = 5 -3x / 2x^2 - 14x + 20 18) Explain how to simplify a rational expression or to write in it lowest terms? Simplify each rat

College Algebra

I need help answering these practice questions. I have attached the questions that I need help with. Please explain your answers in detail. 1. Which of the ordered pairs (3, 1), (0, -4), (-4, 0), (-3, -7)are solutions for the equation x - y = 4? 2. Given f(x) = 5x - 1, find f(a + 3). 3. Solve by completing the square.

Algebra and Logic Word Problems

5. The sign says you are leaving Missoula, Butte is 120 mi away, and Bozeman is 200 mi away. There is a rest stop halfway between Butte and Bozeman. How far is the rest stop from Missoula? 13. Suppose you could spend $10 every minute, night and day. How much could you spend in a year? (Assume there are 365 days in a year

Algebraic expressions

1) Rearrange the following equation to find x in terms of y and t, in the simplest form. t(t - x) = 3y(3y - x) 2) Solve the equation below for x. x + 4 14 -------- - -------- = 0 x 2x -1

Divide and simplify

Divide and simplify 5x^9 -30x ^7 + 10^2 ___________________ -5x^6 Simplify the answer