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Basic Algebra

Expressions and equations

Please provide an answer to the questions below that contains 250 to 300 words to each. 1.If a < b, then -a > -b, Why? Illustrate your reasoning with several examples. 2.How can you differentiate between an equation and an expression? Give several examples of each. 3.How does the knowledge of simplifying an express

Abstract algebra

See attached Abstract Algebra Questions: 1. List 4 integers in [2] as an element in Z4 2. Using modular addition, circle+, compare your answers for Z5: [3] + [4] and Z6: [3] + [4]. 3. Repeat the question above using modular multiplication, circle_dot. 4. Construct a Cayley table for the group Z4 and, using the table, p

Simplifying and Factoring Polynomials

See attached 5. The polynomial 0.041h - 0.018a - 2.69 can be used to estimate the lung capacity, in liters, of a female with height h, in centimeters, and age a, in years. Find the lung capacity of a 40 year old woman who is 170 centimeters tall. 17. The number N, in millions, of hearing impaired individuals of age x ca

Find the greatest common factor

Find the greatest common factor and factor by grouping (see attached) 1. Find the greatest common factor (GCF) of 18x and 15x 2. Find the greatest common factor (GCF) of 28 a b and 44 ab 3. Factor. Check by multiplying 4x + 36x= 4. Factor. Check by multiplying = 5. Factor. = 6. Factor by grouping. = 7. Fa

Algebraic exercises Related to exponents and radicals

Please refer to attached file for complete description of problems. Short description of problems is given below 1) Converting Exponents into radicals and vice versa. 2) Simplification of radicals in fraction forms 3) Converting the expressions into exponents with no negative exponents 4) Factorize the expressions

The level of a prescription drug in the human body over time

Concept Exercise 5 Problem: The level of a prescription drug in the human body over time can be found using the formula L = D 1-( ) Where D is the amount taken every n hours and H is the drugs half-life in hours. 1) If 2.5 milligrams of Lorazepam with a half-life of 14 hours is taken every 24 hours then to wha

Exponential and logarithmic functions

Many different kinds of data can be modeled using exponential and logarithmic functions. For example, exponential functions have been used by Thomas Malthus to describe the growth of human populations. Exponential growth has also been used to indicate how property values grow in strong real estate markets. For this Discussion

Exponential functions

Please see attached: 1. Do exponential functions only model phenomena that grow, or can they also model phenomena that decay? Explain what is different in the form of the function in each case. 2. True or false: The function "f(x) = 3x" grows three times faster than the function "g(x) = x". Explain. 3. What are the

Algebra - College Mathematics

Look what stress does. I submitted the wrong problems to you for help. Please help me with the following 18 problems - I submitted the incorrect problems. #17) 2x + 3 -------- x^2 - 16 #33) w^2 - 49 --------- w + 7 #77) 2x^12 ------- 4x^3 #87) -2x - 4 ----------- x^2 - 5

Algebra - Polynomials - Practice Problems

1. Simplify the following. (-3x2y-3)3 (x-3y2) 2. Simplify the following. 2x4 - 2x2 + 4x - x4 + 4x2 - 2x + 5 3. Find the following product. ( 3x - 4 ) ( x2 - 2x + 3 ) 4. Find the following product. ( 0.3x + 0.2 ) ( 0.3x - 0.2 ) 5. The speed o

Algebra: simplifying exponents and radical expressions

(see attached file for full description) Simplifying the folllowing expressions 3. (sqrt(x^3) + 3x)^2 5. The sixth term in the expansion of (2x - y)^8 is 6. Factor completely: x^4 - 3x^3 + 8x - 24 10. Rationalize the denominator: (x - 2)/(x - sqrt(x + 2)) 11. solve for x: (3x + 4)/2 = 1 - x/3 12. solve for x(x - 3)

Average cost per unit

Need assistance in solving equation; If the average cost per unit C(x) to produced x units is gievn by: 900 C(x)= ----- x+30 What do 600 units costs? round to round to the nearest cent.. $857.14 $899.95 $180.00 $18,000.00


Find the area of the shaded region. Answer to the nearest tenth. Picture a square. The arcs have their centers at opposite vertices of the square and that is the region that is shaded . The base says 4 yds.

Algebra expressions: Total of 56 questions on Algebra

See attached for formatting 1. use the intercepts to graph the equation. Please use a graph like the attached x+3y=6 2. Determine the slope of the line shown below.m=? 3. Solve then graph. 6x&#8805;30 Choose the correct solution a. {xlx&#8805;5} b. {xlx>5} c. {xlx<5} d. {xlx&#8804;5} also grap

The solution to Algebra - Equations

Part 1: Using the Library, web resources, and/or other materials, find a record-breaking temperature (in degrees Celsius) for a town or city in a country other than the United States. Include the name of the town and country along with the temperature, and what record was broken. Give the formula for converting degrees Celsius t

Algebra - Practice Problems and Solutions for Equations

See the attached file. 2. Simplify. Type an integer or a fraction 3. Divide if possible. Type N if the answer is undefined. 4. Simplify. - 5. College students took different course loads. Many colleges determine the number of Full-time equivalent students, F, by using the formula F=n/15. Where is the tota

Algebra - 1. A driver who drives at a speed of r mph for t hr will travel a distance d mi given by d=rt mi. How far will a driver travel at a speed of 59 mph for 8 hr? The distance travelled is ___mi. ... [See the attached Questions File.]

1. A driver who drives at a speed of r mph for t hr will travel a distance d mi given by d=rt mi. How far will a driver travel at a speed of 59 mph for 8 hr? The distance travelled is ___mi. 2. Translate to an algebraic expression. 5 less than q The translation is ____ 3. Tra

Need help solving inequalities

X^2-1.01x-83.19< 0, round to the nearest tenth.. 1. (-00,-8.63) (9.64, 00) 2. (9.64, -8.63) 3. (-00, -9.64) (8.63, 00) 4. (-9.64, 8.63)

Algebra - Word Problem Equation

Set up the equation needed to solve the problem. 1. A rectangular garden has dimensions of 25 feet by 19 feet . A gravel path of equal width is to be built around the garden. How wide can the path be if there is enough gravel for 672 square feet? 2. The area of a square is 81 square centimeters . If the same amount is add

Algebra - Truth Table

Choose the correct conclusion and why. Choose the one alternate that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1. As a special promotion, the Green Thumb organic foods chain said that everyone who came to one of their stores between noon and 1pm on January 4 would be offered a free loaf of 23-grain bread. They di

Review examples 2, 3, and 4 in section 8.4 of the text - Blending Flower Seeds. Tara's website, Garden Edibles, specializes in the sale of herbs and flowers for colorful meals and garnishes. Tara ...

Review examples 2, 3, and 4 in section 8.4 of the text. How does the author determine what the first equation should be? What about the second equation? How are these examples similar? How are they different? Find a problem in the text that is similar to examples 2, 3, and 4. EXAMPLE 2 Blending Flower Seeds. Tara's website

Algebra Multi-Step Word Problem

Problem: In 1960 the United States generated 87.1 million tons of municipal solid waste and recovered (recycled) only 4.3% of it. The amount of municipal solid waste generated in the United States can be modeled by the formula w=3.14n + 87.1 while the amount recovered can be modeled by the formula w=0.567n + 3.78 where w is in m

Integer operations, basic algebra problems

See attached for formatting: 1. Which of the following numbers are integers? 2. Place the following set of numbers in ascending order. A) B) C) D) 3. Carlos works 8.25 h and receives $102.30 pay. What will he receive at the same rate if he works if he works 14 h? A) $158.10 B) $173.60 C) $