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Algebra word problems

An advertisement for LED HDTVs lists the following prices for their different sizes (all have the
same aspect ratio 9:16):
22-inch $ 247.99
42-inch $ 1,299.99
46-inch $ 1,449.99
52-inch $ 1,799.99
55-inch $ 1,999.0
Rearrange this list in terms of the price per viewable image area ( $/in2 )

The Green people of planet Xyz decided that they hate the Blue folks that share their planet because they sit down often, and as you know, the green people find that offensive to god. They figured that the center of the island of the blue people is 400 miles west and 600 miles north from the center of their own island. Both Islands are 10 miles in diameter. The green Catapult delivers its payload according to the following equation:
y = â?" 0.0002x2 + bx + 0.01
Where y is the elevation of the payload trajectory and x is the horizontal distance from the catapult location (in the center of the Green Island); all these are in units of miles. They can tune the parameter â??bâ? to be any value between 0.01 and 0.1
The questions are (you are required to show your analysis):
2.1 Can they use this catapult to hit at the heart of the Blue Island and what does b need to be
for that shot.
2.2 What does b need to be to hit the closest shore of the blue island and what does it need to

3. 1 Please factor this polynomial by any method you like, showing your work.
f(x) = x^3 + 2x^2 â?" 0.4X â?" 1
3.2 Express the function g(x) = (x â?" 2)^2(x +3)(x â?" 0.5)(x +4)^2 as a sum of terms.

3.3 Evaluate the value of g(x) for x = 10, -10, and 200.

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22 inch 11.27/inch^2
42 inch 30.95/inch^2
46 inch 31.52/inch^2
52 inch 34.62/inch^2
55 inch 36.36/inch^2

2. first, we find the distance between the two islands using pythagorean theorem.

400^2 + 600^2 = x^2, solve for d and get x = 721.11 miles

we plug x into y = â?" 0.0002x^2 + bx + ...

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