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Algebra 4.1 & 4.2

1) Which of the following is/are TRUE about the graph of y=6e^x ? Select all that apply.
a) It has a range of (6, -â??)
b) It has a horizontal asymptote of y=0
c) It has both an x-intercept and a y-intercept

2) The temperature, in degrees Fahrenheit, of a cup of coffee can be expressed by T(t)=80+105e^-0.045t, where t is measured in minutes. Use this equation to answer the following questions. Round to the nearest degree.

What is the initial temperature of the coffee?

What is the temperature of the coffee after 15 minutes?

3) The population of a small town was found to coincide with the mathematical model A=Pe^rt, where t is measured in years since 1992. Find the population of the town in the year 2002 if the rate of change r was -0.014 and the population in 1992 was 7670.

4) If $1,500 is invested at 3.9% compounded continuously, what is the accumulated amount in the investment at the end of 11 years? Round to the nearest dollar.

5) The doubling time for a certain bacteria is 3.7 hours. How many bacteria are present after 6 hours if there were 3500 initially present? Round to the nearest bacterium.

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