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    Breathing Pattern Statistics

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    #4 In a study of hypnosis, breathing patterns were observed in an experimental group of subjects in a control group. The measurements of total ventilation (liters of air per minute per square meter of body area) are shown below. We want to know whether the groups follow the same distribution. Unfortunately, we cannot assume the distributions are normal.

    Experimental group 6.06 5.60 6.76 5.32 6.32 6.34 5.74 7.18
    Control group 4.50 5.41 5.70 4.86 6.21 4.79 6.08 4.78

    4.1 Which test should we use?

    4.2 Calculate the test statistic

    4.3 Are the distributions different?

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    4.1 The Wilcoxon Mann-Whitney Test is the most suitable test for this case which is used to test the null hypothesis that two populations have identical ...

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    This solution discusses the breathing pattern statistics. Total ventilation measurements for breathing pattern hypothesis are examined.