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    The Importance of CPR - Why Is It Performed?

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    Discuss the basic principles and effects of CPR, why it is performed, and the importance of utilizing it on a person in need. Who should learn CPR? Have you ever performed CPR on a person in need or witnessed someone else performing this procedure?

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    Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an emergency life-saving procedure. It is performed when an individuals heart (cardio) or breathing (pulmonary) has stopped. By pumping the chest and breathing air into the lungs it is possible to resuscitate a person by reestablishing heart rate and unassisted breathing. In cases where the first aider cannot reestablish breathing and heart rate, the purpose of CPR is to provide the vital body functions until these functions can be restored by medical staff or the individual be placed on mechanical life support.

    Several different events may lead to the need for CPR. For instance, an individual having a heart attack may require CPR, or people that have obstructed airways (cannot breathe) from choking. Incidents of drowning may require CPR, which we often see on television and movies. For this type of scenario, the first aider ...

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