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First Aid Scenario

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You are called to the scene where a man is lying unresponsive on the floor. Someone has already called 911. You know where an AED is located in the building, and you send someone for it as you check the victim for normal breathing. The victim is not breathing, and you begin CPR starting with chest compressions. About one minute later the other person returns with an AED and first aid kit. What series of actions should you now take?

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Turn on AED and listen to instructions which generally tell you to place AED pads on dry, bare chest, a diagram will also be included in the AED so you can ensure proper placement of pads, also note most AED's come with both child and adult pads; make sure you are using the appropriate pads for your victim. Once ...

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Included within this solution is a short but detailed description of first responder CPR with the assistance of an AED. This solution walks you through the step by step process of performing CPR and using the AED, with notes on one person and two person CPR. Also included in this solution is the CPR compression to rescue breaths ration for adult victims.

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