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    Chi square test : Goodness of fit

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    Compute a chi-square test for goodness of fit for each of the following, using the .05 level for each. In each problem, the expected distribution is equal frequencies in each category.
    1. 5 10 5
    2. 10 15 10
    3. 10 20 10
    4. 5 15 5

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    Expected frequency= 6.67
    Obseved frequency (fo) Expected frequency (fe) (fo-fe)^2/fe
    5.00 6.67 0.42
    10.00 6.67 1.67
    5.00 6.67 0.42

    H0:Observed pattern follows expected pattern

    H1: Observed pattern does not follow expected pattern

    Critical Value: (Use Table or use Excel)
    Test Statistics : Refer table and formula above

    Decision and Conclusion:
    Since test statistics lies in the region bound by critical value, we cannot reject null ...

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    Solution describes the steps involved in conducting a chi square test to check whether observed pattern fits the expected pattern.