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MTH/ 209

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1. FOIL is an acronym designed to help you multiply binomials, not monomials or trinomials. Do you think that you could create an acronym (it will have more than 4 letters) to help you multiply a binomial and a trinomial? Illustrate your method by multiplying (x + 2) times (x2 â?" 3x + 4), showing all steps.

2. Take a number. Add 1. Square the result. Then subtract from it the product of the original number times two more than the original number. What did you get? I claim you will always get 1. Can you explain?

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Monomials, binomials, and trinomial multiplication is examined. The square results are also examined. FOILER is examined. A complete, neat and step-by-step solution is provided in the attached file.

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The new acronym could be FOILER
Here, FOIL is used as usual between the binomial and the first two terms of the trinomial. E = Every term of the binomial R = Remaining term of the trinomial
(x + 2)(x^2 - 3x + 4)
F: x * x^2 = ...

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