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    interest compounded continuously

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    1) Given A=Pe^rt, with A = 455, P = 5, and r = 0.61, solve for t. Round to the nearest 0.01.

    2) Solve for r: 8(3^r+1)+4=20
    Round to the nearest 0.001.

    3) Solve for z: 2log_2(5+2z)=16
    Round to the nearest 0.01.

    4) An investment offers 4.5% interest compounded continuously. How long until the investment triples in value? Round to the nearest 0.1 year.

    5) A certain city's population doubles every 8 years. If the population in 2000 is 4 million people, in what year will the population reach 85 million?
    In the year_________

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