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Basic Algebra

Several basic statistics and finite math problems

Attached are the math/algebra problems that I am having a hard time solving. Please show your work so I have an understanding of how to solve future problems of these sorts....Thanks! (Please see the attachment rather than the copied material here.) ____________________________________________________ Use the following

Mathematical induction/pascal triangle

Please help me with the attached pre-calculus questions. 1. Use mathematical induction to prove that 6 is a factor of n (n + 1)(n + 2). 2. Use mathematical induction to prove 1^2 + 3^2 + 5^2 + . . . + (2n - 1)^2 = n (4n^2 - 1) / 3. 3. Expand (2x - y)^6 using binomial coefficients and then evaluate each coefficient. Ex

Perform the indicated operation

Please see the attached file. 1. Simplify (2x^3 y^3)^3 divided 9z^9 2. Perform the indicated operation. Write the answer in scientific notation. 12x10^5 divided (3x10^-2) 3. Rewrite as a base to a power, if possible (9^5 xy)(9^4 x)(9^4 xyz) 4. Simplify (7^3)^9 5. Translate the phrase to an algebr

Graph the equation using the slope and the y-intercept

1. Graph the equation using the slope and the y-intercept y=10/7x+3 2. Solve by the substitution method 3x+4y=12 x=37-5y 3. Solve: 5/8x + 1/16x=3/16 + x 9. Type an inequality -0.05x<-45 I think the answer is x>900 is that right? 10. Translate to an a

Problems in Algebra - Quadratics and Graphing

Practice problems in Algebra, including mostly quadratics and graphing. See the attached questions file. 1). Rationalize the denominator and simplify 2). Solve for , where t is a real number. If there is more than one solution, separate them with commas. 3). Solve for where x is a real number. If there is more than

Rational Expressions for Volume

Please provide all work and steps taken to answer each problem. Thank you. Simplify the following expression 1). -(-6x-w)-3(-5w-2x) 2). The volume of a right circular cone is given by V= The letter stands for the radius of the circular base of the cone, and h is the height of the cone. Solve for . 3). Express the f

Word Problem Involving Polynomial

Rose's garden is a square with sides of length x feet. Next spring she plans to make it rectangular by lengthening one side 5 feet and shortening the other side by 5 feet. What polynomial represents the new area? By how much will the area of the new garden differ from that of the old garden?

Algebra Practice Questions on Phone Services

4) Media Services charges $40.00 for a phone and $30/ month for its economy plan. The equation c=30t +40 describes the total cost, c, of operating a Media Services phone for t months. The total cost for 7 months of service is?$___ If a customer has only $110 available, how many months of service can she receive? 5) Graph the

Lines and equations

See attached 33) Translate to an algebraic expression The product of 33% and some number The translation is ___? Type the percentage as a decimal, use d to represent some number 35)solve by the elimination method 7r-6s=2 6r+7s=111 What is the solution of the system________? (Type an ordered pair. Type an integer or

Abstract Algebra: Algebraic Extensions

Please see the attachment to see these questions properly. _____________________________________________ Question 1 If [K:F] is finite and u is algebraic over K ,prove that [F(u):F] divides [K(u):F] Hint:[F(u):F] and [K(u):F(u)] are finite by Theorems 10.4,10.7 and 10.9 Apply Theorem 10.4 to Theorem 10.4 Le

Irreducible polynomial; algebraic over R

1. Prove that the polynomial x^4 - 16*(x^2) + 4 is irreducible in Q[x] (the ring of all polynomials with rational coefficients). 2. Show that every element of C (i.e., every complex number) is algebraic over R (the ring of all real numbers).

Solve using the multiplication principle

1. Solve using the multiplication principle -4x> 4. The function H described by H (x)=2.75x+71.48 can be used to predict the height, in centimeters, of a women whose humerus (the bone from the elbow to the shoulder) is x cm long predict the height of a woman whose humerus is 33 cm long . The predicted height of a woman wh


Simplify. Assume all variables represent positive numbers. &#8730; (x4 y3)

Inequality Numbers Determined

Please see the attached file. Determine whether the given numbers are solutions of the inequality Hello I'm working on 250 questions and out of them I'm having a little problem with these problems and was wondering if any one could help put and walk me through them also Determine wheather the given numbers are solutions o


Simplify ã (32x5y2) that is sqrt (32x5y2).

Subgroup proofsno structures

I would love to have a usual word format answer with detailed proofs. The problems are 6 in total, the numbers are: from attached page #1: #2.82; 2.86; 2.87, from attached page #2: # 2.97; 2.98; 2.99. Thanks in advance. The student.

Starting a Business

Please help with the following: Post your response to the following: How do you know when an equation has infinitely many solutions? How do you know when an equation has no solution? Starting a Business Starting your own business can be exciting and daunting at the same time. Businesses use math when managing finances

Practice problems on Quadratic Equations

9 practice problems on quadratic equations in the attached file. 8)a)Solve 7x+x(x-2)=0 b)Find the x-intercepts of f(x)=7x+x(x-2) 15) Find the vertex, the line of symmetry, the maximum or minimum value of the quadratic function and graph the function: f(x)=2x2-8x+6 (21) Solve by completing the square (23) Find the vertex,

Algebra: Solve by Completing the Square

See the attached file. Solve by completing the square ________________________________________________________________________ The width of a rectangle is 1ft less than the length. The area is find the length and width. The width is __________ft The Length is _________ft A farmer decides to enclose a rectangul

Newton Divided Difference Interpolatory Polynomial

Hi, Your assistance with the following interpolation problem would be appreciated. I do have an existing Maple program that might be of assistance. Please let me know if you would like it. Approximate the following function using the set of nodes {1.0, 1.25, 1.75, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0} Use the Newton divided - difference inter

Polynomials & Exponents

Please complete the attached equations and show each step for completion. 1. (x - 2) / (2 - x) 2. (x^2 - 3x +5) /( x + 2) 3. -6a^7 b^6 c^2 / (-2a^3 b^8 c^2( 4. w^(-6) /w^(-4) 5. (-2x-6 y)^3 6. Convert to a scientific notation: 0.0000065 7. Perform equation by converting to a scientific notation and give answ

Green Valley Mills produces carpet at plants in St. Louis and Richmond.

1. Green Valley Mills produces carpet at plants in St. Louis and Richmond. The carpet is then shipped to two outlets, located in Chicago and Atlanta. The cost per ton of shipping carpet from each of the two plants to the two warehouses is as follows: To (cost) From Chicago Atlanta St. Louis

Regression, Correlation, Least Squares Line, Etc.

** Please see attachment! ** The material is from MORE REGRESSION PROBLEM. Please use any computer software to solve the problem if you want. Please provide the evidence of your work and explain your solution. Thank you. June Rainfall Blueberry 4.1 56.2 5.18 40 4.52 45.9 5.49 45.3 4.89 38.5 1.11 3

Graphing and Equations for Slope-Intercept Forms

Please show work 1. Solve by graphing: 4x +5y = -2, 4y -x = 11 2. Write in the slope-intercept form: y + 2/3= - (1/2)[x -( 2/5)] 3. A gun is fired straight upward. The bullet leaves the gun at 1000 ft. per sec. The equation for the bullet's velocity is v = -32 t + 1000. What is the v