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Basic Algebra

Reflexive, symmetric, transitive relations

Indicate which of the following relations on the given sets are reflexive on a given set (see attached) College level Math Proof before Real Analysis. If you have any question or suggestion, please let me know. Thank you.


Please complete the following problems regarding exponents and square roots - Chapter 6 #s 2-20 (EVEN #s only - 10 total) and Chapter 9 #s 2-20 (EVEN #s only - 10 total).

Find the least squares soluton

Please see the attached file. The material is from Inconsistent Systems and Projection. Please show each step of your solution.

Solving Equations

I need some help on some of the questions I am stumped on. Solve the equations showing how you came up with the answer step by step. (3/4)q-12=4 (1/3)a-6=(2/3)a+6 d+5(d-7)=2d-4(-d-8) 3q+4aw=-2aw+7q+2 Solve for q d+5d(d-7)=2d-4(-d-8)

Quadratic trend model

Fit a quadratic trend model to the data and write down its forecasting equation (expressing each coefficient to 2 d.p.'s). USA quarterly Industrial Production Index from Q1 1998 to Q4 2005 2002=100, Seasonally Adjusted, Source: US Federal Reserve Board 2001Q1 136.7 2001Q2 124.1 2001Q3 120.5 2001Q4 117.4 2002Q1 101.1

Newton Divided Difference Interpolatory Polynomial

Hi, Your assistance with the following interpolation problem would be appreciated. I do have an existing Maple program that might be of assistance. Please let me know if you would like it. Approximate the following function using the set of nodes {1.0, 1.25, 1.75, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0} Use the Newton divided - difference inter

Polynomials & Exponents

Please complete the attached equations and show each step for completion. 1. (x - 2) / (2 - x) 2. (x^2 - 3x +5) /( x + 2) 3. -6a^7 b^6 c^2 / (-2a^3 b^8 c^2( 4. w^(-6) /w^(-4) 5. (-2x-6 y)^3 6. Convert to a scientific notation: 0.0000065 7. Perform equation by converting to a scientific notation and give answ

Green Valley Mills produces carpet at plants in St. Louis and Richmond.

1. Green Valley Mills produces carpet at plants in St. Louis and Richmond. The carpet is then shipped to two outlets, located in Chicago and Atlanta. The cost per ton of shipping carpet from each of the two plants to the two warehouses is as follows: To (cost) From Chicago Atlanta St. Louis

Graphing and equations

Please show work 1. Solve by graphing: 4x +5y = -2, 4y -x = 11 2. Write in the slope-intercept form: y + 2/3= - (1/2)[x -( 2/5)] 3. A gun is fired straight upward. The bullet leaves the gun at 1000 ft. per sec. The equation for the bullet's velocity is v = -32 t + 1000. What is the v

Math Proof -

College level proof before real analysis. Please give formal proof. Please explain each step of your solution. Prove that the Well-Ordering Principle is equivalent to the Principle of Mathematical Induction

Factoring Poynomials

Attached is a math study review. 1. Factor completely, or state that the polynomial is prime. 2x3 + 250 2. Factor completely, or state that the polynomial is prime. 16x3 - 16x 3. Factor completely, or state that the polynomial is prime. 9x4 - 9 4. Factor by grouping. Assume any variab

Clock Arithmetic : Number Properties

I need to find the definition and give at lease one example in regards to subtraction on clock with arithmetic numbers {1,2,3....12} A. CLOSED B. COMMUTATIVE C. IDENTITY E. INVERSE

Graph each inequality and equation.

Pg 231 question #36 pg 230 question #26 pg 211 question #22 pg 210 question #10 pg 201 question #46 pg 200 question #10 pg 192 question # 50 pg 190 question # 16 pg 189 question #10 pg 177 question # 58 pg 175 question # 34