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Algebra- Practice Problems

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A. Solve using the five-step problem-solving process.
Familiarize, Translate, Carry Out, Check, State
Show all steps necessary to arrive at your solution.

1. A square support unit in a television is made with a side measuring 5 centimeters. A new model being designed for the upcoming year will have a larger square with a side measuring 5.3 centimeters. By how much will the area of the square be increased?
2. Round your answer to 2 decimal places when necessary.
The area of a circle is 35 square meters. What is its circumference? (Use п = 3.14. Hint: Area of Circle: A = пr2 and Circumference of Circle: C = 2пr)
3. Round your answer to 2 decimal places.
For a holiday party, Marcus is making a five-layer torte, which consists of five 9-inch diameter cake layers with a cream topping on each layer. He knows that one recipe of cream will cover 60 square inches of cake. How many batches of the topping must he make to complete his torte? (Use п = 3.14 as an approximate value)

B. Express the answer in scientific notation to two decimals places unless requested otherwise.

1. A computer can do one calculation in 1.4 × 10^-7 seconds. How long would it take the computer to do a trillion (10^12) calculations? (Round to one decimal place.)

Simplify. Show all necessary steps.

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