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MTH - 209 Complete Assignment !!

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Algebra Questions

1. Using the x, y graph plot the point
2. Give an ordered pair of numbers that satisfy the following equation:
3. For each point in the table below, decide whether it is on Line 1, Line 2, both, or neither.
Line 1:
Line 2:

(x, y) Line 1 Line 2 Both Lines Neither Line
(-6, 7)
(-2, 4)
(0, -4)
4. Graph the line whose y-intercept is 3 and whose x-intercept is 2.
5. Graph the line.
6. Graph the line.
7. Graph the line with slope passing through the point .
8. Find the slope of the line graphed below (-3, 7) and (2, -6)
9. Graph the line
10. Graph the inequality below on the number line.
11. Find the y -intercept of the line whose equation is
12. Find the x-intercept and y-intercept of the line given by the equation
13. Find the slope of the line
14. A line passes through the point and has a slope of 3 Write an equation for this line.
15. Owners of a recreation area are filling a small pond with water. They are adding water at a rate of 35 liters per minute. There are 700 liters in the pond to start. Let W represent the amount of water in the pond (in liters), and let T represent the number of minutes that water has been added. Write an equation relating W to T, and then graph your equation using the axes below.

16. Suppose that a household's monthly water bill (in dollars) is a linear function of the amount of water the household uses (in hundreds of cubic feet, HCF). When graphed, the function gives a line with a slope of 1.75. If the monthly bill for 15 HCF is $24.01, what is the monthly bill for 11 HCF?

17. The monthly cost (in dollars) of a long-distance phone plan is a linear function of the total calling time (in minutes), as shown in the figure below. The monthly cost for 47 minutes of calls is $14.97 and the monthly cost for 100 minutes is $21.86. What is the monthly cost for 57 minutes of calls?

18. Find an equation of the line that is parallel to the line and that passes through the point .

19. The sum of two numbers is 63. The larger number is 5 more than the smaller number. What are the large number and the small number?

20. In a family there are two cars. The sum of the average miles per gallon obtained by the two cars in a particular week is 65. The first car has consumed 56 gallons during that week, and the second has consumed 25 gallons, for a total of 1325 miles driven by the two cars combined. What was the average gas mileage obtained by each of the two cars in that week?

21. A motorboat travels 595 mi in 7 hours going upstream and 484 mi in 4 hours going downstream. What is the rate of the boat in still water and what is the rate of the current?

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