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Equilibrium Expressions

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What are the equilibrium expressions for:

[Co(H2O)₆]²⁺(aq)+4Cl⁻(aq) <--> [CoCl4]2⁻(aq)+6H2O(l)

10. 2Ag⁺(aq)+CO3²⁻(aq) <--> Ag2CO3(s)

11. CO3²⁻(aq)+2H⁺(aq) <--> H2O(l)+CO2(g)

12. 2Ag⁺(aq)+Cl⁻(aq) <--> AgCl(s)

Ag+(aq)+2NH3(aq) <--> [Ag(NH3)2⁺(aq)

NH3(aq)+ H⁺(aq) <--> NH4⁺(aq)

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In chemistry when dealing with cobalt solutions and in terms of Le Chatelier's Principle. What is the following equilibrium:

[Co(H2O)₆]²⁺(aq)+4Cl⁻(aq) <--> [CoCl4]2⁻(aq)+6H2O(l)

When writing an equilibrium expression, you always want to write the products on the top and the reactants on the bottom. The coefficients (for example the 4 in front of Cl-) will more to be exponents in your expression. You should ignore any pure liquids or ...

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