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College Algebra Problem

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I am not sure how to set the equations up in order to solve this problem? Hope you can help get me started.

Last year you could get a hamburger, fries, and a cola at Zack's Drive In for $2.80. Since the price of a hamburger has increased 20%, the price of fries has increased 50%, and the price of a cola has increased 60%, the same meal now costs $4.01. If the price of a cola is now 20 cents more than that of a hamburger, what was the price of each item last year? This exercise must be solved using a system of equations.

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We first get the three equations using these assumptions:
x = burger
y = fries
z = cola

The equation for last year's price is:
x + y + z = 2.8

The equation of the current price is:
1.2x + 1.5y + 1.6z = 4.01

The ...

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