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Basic Algebra

Equation and Algebraic word problems

Please show all steps and please use the equation editor . thank you. Find all real or imaginary numbers to the equation. 1. Find the value of x 6x = -(19x+25)/(x+1) Find exact and approximate solutions to each problem. 2. Boxing Match . A boxing ring in the shape of a square , 20 feet on each side . How

Taylor polynomial

See attachment Please show in detail how to solve the series. Thank you. what is the third Taylor polynomial for centered at x=0

Expressions and equations

Please provide an answer to the questions below that contains 250 to 300 words to each. 1.If a < b, then -a > -b, Why? Illustrate your reasoning with several examples. 2.How can you differentiate between an equation and an expression? Give several examples of each. 3.How does the knowledge of simplifying an express

Abstract algebra

See attached Abstract Algebra Questions: 1. List 4 integers in [2] as an element in Z4 2. Using modular addition, circle+, compare your answers for Z5: [3] + [4] and Z6: [3] + [4]. 3. Repeat the question above using modular multiplication, circle_dot. 4. Construct a Cayley table for the group Z4 and, using the table, p

Begining Algebra

Please work problems out listed in the attachment Simplify.... Find the slope...

Simplifying and Factoring Polynomials

See attached 5. The polynomial 0.041h - 0.018a - 2.69 can be used to estimate the lung capacity, in liters, of a female with height h, in centimeters, and age a, in years. Find the lung capacity of a 40 year old woman who is 170 centimeters tall. 17. The number N, in millions, of hearing impaired individuals of age x ca


Find the midrange for the following group of data items: 29,26, 25, 24, 30, 27, 23, 25 what is the midrange rounded to the nearest tenth ?


What is the median for the following data items 90, 30, 60, 30, 50 rounded to the nearest tenth?

Simplify and Polynomial problems

Please help me with the attached problems.. Perform the indicated operations and simplify your answers. Factor each polynomial completely Write an equation in slope-intercept form ( ) of the line through the points (0, -3) and (4, 0).

Exponents and radicals

Please refer to attached file for complete description of problems. Short description of problems is given below 1) Converting Exponents into radicals and vice versa. 2) Simplification of radicals in fraction forms 3) Converting the expressions into exponents with no negative exponents 4) Factorize the expressions

Negation - Monday does not come before Tuesday. ...

From the negation of the statement: Monday does not come before Tuesday. Choose the correct answer below - A. Tuesday does come before Monday. B. Monday comes before Tuesday. C. Sometimes Monday does not come before Tuesday. D. It is not true Monday comes before Tuesday. My issue is the solidarity of negations.

Filter process

In solution during a filtering process is given by the equation P(x)=800(2)^-0.4n, where n is the number of filtering steps. Find the amounts left for n= 0 and n = 5. Round to the nearest whole number.. 800.25 800, 3200 800, 200 1600, 200

ALGEBRA - Concept Exercise 5 - The level of a prescription drug in the human body over time can be found using the formula L = D 1-( ) Where D is the amount taken every n hours and H is the drugs half-life in hours. ... [See te attached questions file]

Concept Exercise 5 Problem: The level of a prescription drug in the human body over time can be found using the formula L = D 1-( ) Where D is the amount taken every n hours and H is the drugs half-life in hours. 1) If 2.5 milligrams of Lorazepam with a half-life of 14 hours is taken every 24 hours then to wha

Exponential and logarithmic functions

Many different kinds of data can be modeled using exponential and logarithmic functions. For example, exponential functions have been used by Thomas Malthus to describe the growth of human populations. Exponential growth has also been used to indicate how property values grow in strong real estate markets. For this Discussion

Exponential functions

Please see attached: 1. Do exponential functions only model phenomena that grow, or can they also model phenomena that decay? Explain what is different in the form of the function in each case. 2. True or false: The function "f(x) = 3x" grows three times faster than the function "g(x) = x". Explain. 3. What are the

Algebra - College Mathematics

Look what stress does. I submitted the wrong problems to you for help. Please help me with the following 18 problems - I submitted the incorrect problems. #17) 2x + 3 -------- x^2 - 16 #33) w^2 - 49 --------- w + 7 #77) 2x^12 ------- 4x^3 #87) -2x - 4 ----------- x^2 - 5