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    MATLAB and projection and perpendicular formulas

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    Can you help me with the Question in the second page of this assignment?

    a) Using the projection formula and the dot and norm commands in MATLAB, find proj(8,−3,1,2,1,2)(4, −5, 2, 6, 1, 3).
    b) Using the perpendicular formula and commands in MATLAB, find perp(8,−3,1,2,1,2)(4, −5, 2, 6, 1, 3).

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    The following formulae were used:
    〖proj〗_b ⃗ (a ⃗ )= (a∙b ̂ ) b ̂
    〖perp〗_b ⃗ (a ⃗ )= a ⃗-(a∙b ̂ ) b ̂
    b ̂=unit vector in the direction of b ⃗
    clear all; % clearr workspace
    close all; % close all workspace windows (if there are figures opened)
    clc; % clear the command window

    % This code assumes proj_b(a) as being the projection of vector "a" in
    % the ...

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    This provides an example of using projection formula, perpendicular formal, and dot and norm commands in MATLAB.