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Algebra Problem Set 3

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78. Reading the problem, we will get two equations. Let x be the yogurt with 3% fat and y be the non-fat yogurt. We will have:

Solving first for x using equation 2, we have:

We'll now solve for y:

82. Let x be the probability that San Francisco plays in the next Super Bowl and y be the probability that they don't play. So we'll have 2 equations formed:

Using substitution, we'll solve first for y using equation 2:

Now we'll solve for x:

So the answer is 0.9 or 90% probability that San Francisco will play in the Super Bowl.

1. Solution: We'll use cross-multiplication to solve for the missing number:

2. Solution: The LCD of 10 and 4 is 20:

3. Solution: We can cancel out 5 from 10 and 5 to simplify:

4. Solution: A negative number when multiplied by a negative becomes positive:

5. Solution: We can cancel out 7 on the numerator and denominator to simplify:

6. Solution: To convert to %, we'll multiply 100. To convert to decimal, we'll divide by 100:

7. Solution: Pi and radical numbers that have no ...

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