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Algebra : Graphs, Interest and Basic Statistics

Please show me how you do this I am so unsure of the processes and want to make sure I know what I am doing.

1. Mr. Knight owned of a family business. He sold of the business to his sister. What portion of the business does he still own?
Rocco scored 81, 89, 68, 92, and 77 on his mathematics quizzes. Round each score to the nearest ten to estimate his total score.

3. A 2.41 pound oven roast costs $9.62. However, today there is a Manager's Special, and the roast is on sale for $2.39 per pound.
a) What is the sale price for the roast?
b) How much money would you save if you buy the roast today?

4. Multiply (-7.5)(9)(-7).
5. Find two factors of 60 with a sum of 17.
6. Janice has a 6% commission rate on all her sales. If she sells $80,000 worth of merchandise in 1 month, what commission will she earn?
7. On a test of 36 questions, Sam answered 16 correctly. On another test, Sam answered 32 correctly out of 72. Did Sam get the same portion of each text correct?
A railing for a deck requires pieces of redwood 5 ft 10 in., 7 ft 8 in., and 6 ft 2 in. long. What is the total length of material that is needed?

9. Paula's car payment is $342.37 per month for 3 years. How much will she pay for her car by the end of the third year?

10. Jamal is fencing a rectangular field that measures 31 ft by 26 ft. How much fencing should he buy?

11. Find the greatest common factor of 30, 45, and 50.
12. List all the prime numbers between 10 and 30.

13. Ms. Jefferson has been given a loan of $20,000 for 1 year. If the interest charged is $800, what is the interest rate on the loan?
14. Find the least common multiple of 9, 14, and 42
15. Subtract.

16. A block of cheese weighing 2.6 pounds (lb) sold for $15.55. Find the cost per pound to the nearest cent.

17. Carlos works 8.25 h and receives $102.30 pay. What will he receive at the same rate if he works 14 h?
18. Evaluate

19. Solve for the unknown:

20. The following scores were recorded on a 100-point examination:
95, 75, 76, 86, 96, 71, 65, 81, 95, 76, 69, 81, 93, 88, 94

Find a) the mean and b) the median examination scores.

21. Phil needs to practice free throws of an hour
each day. If he has already practiced
of an hour today, how many more minutes does he
need to practice?

A computer can execute 64 instructions per microsecond. How many instructions can it execute in 10 minutes?

23. Find the five-number summary of the following set of numbers.

0.16, 0.08, 0.27, 0.20, 0.22, 0.32, 0.25, 0.18, 0.28, 0.27

24. If $7,800 is deposited into an account paying 6% interest compounded annually (at the end of each year), how much money is in the account after 2 years?
25. Cindy is carpeting a recreation room 8 yd long and 6 yd wide. If the carpeting costs $18 per square yard, what will be the total cost of the carpet?
26. Express the partially shaded region as a) a decimal, b) a fraction, and c) a percent.

27. On the blueprint of Lauren's new office building, the scale is 3 in. equals 8 ft. What will be the actual length of Lauren's office if it measures 6 in. long on the blueprint?
28. Find the missing length of the right triangle.

29. Greg spent hour (h) responding to emails and h returning phone calls. How many minutes did he spend on the two activities?
The pie chart shows the distribution of a person's total yearly income of $44,000. Find the amount budgeted for utilities.
31. The interest rate on a mortgage was % last year. This year the interest rate is %. How many percentage points has the interest rate increased?
32. Perform the indicated operation.

33. The graph and table below show the income for a local company. Use this information to predict the income in the year 2005.

Year Total Income (in millions)
1980 $6.3
1985 $21.5
1990 $39.8
1995 $57.4
2000 $65.3

34. Are the following sets of numbers a perfect triple?

A. 7, 15, 18
B. 4, 5, 6
C. 7, 24, 25
35. A college basketball team scored 67, 75, and 69 points in three games. If its opponents scored 82, 62, and 55 points, by how much did the team outscore its opponents?

36. Automobiles and small trucks account for 84% of the travel to and from work in the United States. What fraction represents all other means of travel to and from work in the United States?

37. Find the area of the shaded part in the figure. Use 3.14 for and round your answer to one decimal place.

38. Find ma and mb.

39. If m 63, find the complement and supplement to .
40. Complete the statement.

A. 12 L = ________ qt
B. 13 oz = ________ g
C. 13 fl oz = ________ mL