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    algebra and linear equation

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    You will need to prepare your answers in MS Word using the student answer form provided. Click here for the answer form.
    Show all work for full credit; in many cases, you will be able to type your answer without special characters, fonts, or equations, but in a few cases, these features of MS Word will make your work more presentable and professional. Always provide a written summary of your findings when word problems are involved; be clear, and use proper style and grammar.
    Space your work accordingly so that it is not too crowded to grade. Several hard returns (enters) between each part and each new problem will be sufficient.

    Click here for information about how to use a scientific calculator.
    Click here for information about creating graphs in Excel and inserting graphs of functions.
    Click here for information about how to type math symbols using the Equation Editor in MS Word.
    Please note that these instructions are for MS Excel 2007 and MS Word 2007. For information on Macintosh Word shortcuts, click here.
    Be sure to review the web resources listed for this unit. In addition to other resources, you will find information about how to type math symbols without the Equation Editor and basic instructions on how to use the Equation Editor on MS Word 2007. MS Equation 3.0 is a powerful tool and may be too advanced for some beginning computer users. In most cases, standard keystrokes in any MS Word along with the Formatting tools such as those for powers and exponents should suffice for the assignments.

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