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    Regression Analysis in Minitab

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    I have data set for two litter sites "C" and site D.
    Around 90 litter bags filled at site C, mass of each bag were same initially, after time 0.246 years masses of 45 bags were noted and after .493 years masses of another 45 bags noted. Similar exercise done at another site"D".

    The negative exponential model of Olsen (1963) with the modification of Wieder & Lang (1982) was used to estimate the decomposition constant (k) for the site we studied;

    Where Xt, is the mass of the litter left after time t years, Xo is the initial mass of the litter, and k is the decomposition constant (yr-1). A regression was performed of the natural logarithm of remaining mass on time.

    (1) Include all the Minitab outputs,(minitab15)
    (2) Explain how did you use Minitab, step by step please,
    (3) The time for files C3 and D3 is 0.246 years,
    (4) The time for files C6 and D6 is 0.493 years.
    (5) Calculate the decomposition constant separately for each of the files.
    (6) explain in good detail how you made the calculations.

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