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Polynomial factoring and word problems

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Section 5.1
# 40 Find the greatest common factor for the group of monomials
16x2z, 49xz2, 72z3
#72 Factor out the GCF in each expression.
a(a+1) - 3(a+1)
Section 5.2
#16 Factor the polynomial.
9a2 - 64b2
#80 Use grouping to factor the polynomial completely.
x3 + ax + 3a + 3x2
Section 5.3
#58 Factor the polynomial. If the polynomial is prime, say so.
18z + 45 + z2
#102 Factor the polynomial. If the polynomial is prime, say so.
3x3y2 - 3x2y2 + 3xy2
Section 5.4
#18 Factor the trinomial using the ac method
2x2 + 11x + 5
#88 Factor the polynomial completely.
a2b + 2ab - 15b
Section 5.5
#36 Factor the polynomial completely.
m4 - n4
#82 Factor the polynomial completely. If the polynomial is prime, say so.
9x2 + 4y2
Section 5.6
#18 Solve by factoring.
2h2 - h - 3 = 0
#104 Henry invested $12,000 in a new restaurant. When the restaurant was sold two years later, he received $27,000. Find his average annual return by solving the equation 12,000(1 + r)2 = 27,000.

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Solution Summary

This provides examples of factoring polynomials and solving word problems.

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