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Algebraic Expressions and Variable Solution

Equation is a statement asserting the equality of two expressions; they are constructed from algebraic expressions. They are separated into left and right sides and joined by an equal sign.

Expression is a group of letters that are used for numbers.


820 + Y - 820 = 1820 - 820


A x 12 X + 20 83 - y a


Yes you can solve an expression for a variable because; expression consists of variables, constants, numerals, and operation signs. When we replace a variable with a number, we say that we are substituting for the variable. This is also called evaluating the expression.

I would say yes you can solve an equation for a variable since the equation in the problem.

Can you help me with this problem, how do I write out this problem?
Substitute 98 for x and 580 for y and carry out the addition.

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