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Factoring polynomials

Find the greatest common factor for each group...
16x^2 z, 40xz^2, 72z^3

Factor out for the GCF


a(a+1) -3(a+9)

Factor completely


x^3y + 2x^2y^2 + xy^3

use grouping to factor

x^3 + ax + 3a + 3x^2

factor and if it is prime say so......

18z + 45 + z^2

h^2-9hs + 9s^2

3x^3y^2 - 3x^2y^2 + 3xy^2

Factor using the ac method

2x^2 + 11x + 5

strategry for factoring ax^2 + bx + c by ac method
21x^2 + 2x -3

8x^2- 10x -3

Factor and if prime say so......

a^2 + 2ab - 15b

3x^3 - 12x

8b^2 - 24a + 3

25x^2 - 16y^2

aw - 5b - bw + 5a

4w^2 + 8w - 5

Solve each equation

2h^2 - h - 3 = 0

2w ( 4w+1) = 1

x^2 - 36 = 0

x^3 = 4x

(x-3)^2 + ( x+2)^2 = 17

Word Problems....

Avoiding a collision... A car is traveling on a road that is perpendicular to railroad track. When the car is 30 meters from the crossing, the car's new collision detector warns the driver that the train 50 meters from the car and heading toward the same crossing. How far is the train from the crossing.

Winter Wheat. While finding the amount of seed needed to plant his square wheat fields, Hank observed that the side of one field was 1 kilometer longer than the side of the smallest field and that the side of the largest field was 3 lilometer longer than the side of the smallest field. If the total area of the three fields is 38 square kilometers, then what is the area of each field?

Venture Capital.....Henry invested $12,000 in a new restaurant. When the restaurant was sold two years later, he received $ 27, 000. Find his average annual return by solving the equation 12,000 (1+r)^2= 27,000.

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