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28. Solve each logarithmic equation.

48. On December 26, 2004, the third largest earth quake ever recorded struck in the Indian Ocean with a magnitude of 9.1 on the Richter scale. The resulting tsunami killed an estimated 229,900 people in several countries. Express this reading in terms of .

8. Solve each exponential equation. 

24. Solve each exponential equation. 

32. Solve each logarithm equation. 

74. Find (t) to the nearest hundredth if $1786 becomes $2063 at 2.6%, with interest compounded quarterly.

76. At what interest rate, to the nearest hundredth of a percent, will $16,000 grow to $20,000 if invested for 5.25 year and interest is compounded quarterly?

12. A sample from a refuse deposit near the Strait of Magellan had 60% of the carbon 14 of a contemporary living sample. How old was the sample?

14. The amount of a chemical that will dissolve in a solution increases exponentially as the (Celsius) temperature (t) is increased according to the model. 
At what temperature will 15 g dissolve?

20. If Russ chooses the plan with continuous compounding, how long will it take for his $60,000 to grow to $80,000.

22. If interest is compounded continuously and the interest rate is tripled, what effect will this have on the time required for an investment to double?


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