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Please show work

Please show work

20. Give the focus, directix, and axis for each parabola.

36. Write an equation for each parabola with vertex at the origin.

Through (-2, ), opening left

38. Write an equation for each parabola with vertex at the origin.

Through (2,-4), symmetric with respect to the y-axis.

4. Evaluate each expression, if possible.

8. Evaluate each expression, if possible.

10. Evaluate each expression, if possible.

22. Determine the binominal coefficient for the fifth term in the expansion of

26. Write the binominal expansion for each expression.

44. Write indicated term of each binominal expansion.

Twelfth term of

2. Evaluate each expression.


12. Evaluate each expression.

28. A couple has narrowed down the choice of a name for their new baby to first 5 names and 3 middle names. How many different first- middle name combinations are possible?

30. Ho many 7-digit telephone numbers are possible if the first digit cannot be 0 and

a. only odd digits may be used?
b. the telephone number must be multiple of 10 (that is , it must end in 0)?
c. the telephone number must be a multiple of 100?
d. the first 3 digits are 481?
e. no repetitious are allowed?

44. If a bad contains 15 marbles, how many samples of 2 marbles can be drawn. How many samples of 2 can be drawn in which both marbles are blue?

48. Sven workers decide to send a delegation of 2 to their supervisor to discuss their grievances.

a. How many different delegations are possible?
b. If it is decided that a certain employee must be in the delegation, how many different delegations are possible?
c. If there are 2 women and 5 men in the group, how many delegations would include art least one woman?

52. From a pool of 7 secretaries, 3 are selected to be assigned to 3 managers, 1 secretary to each manager. In how many ways can this be done?

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