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    Health Systems and Policy

    Electronic medical records and Health Level Seven standards

    1. What are the benefits of EMRs? (125 words) 2. What are the negative aspects of EMRs? (125 words) 3. How do Health Level Seven (HL7) standards facilitate the sharing of clinical data? 4. What were the issues that HIPAA was to address? How well has it worked thus far? *Please include a reference for each response

    Defining Health and Identifying Influences on Healthcare Policy

    Discuss whether the World Health Organization's (WHO) definition of health as "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity" is still relevant. In what ways is it flawed? Describe at least one influence on health care policy that may contribute to the perception of

    Health Systems: Learning Organization Culture

    Do you think that we should be moving towards a learning organisation culture within health systems? Support your answer with examples of the potential positive and negative impacts on public health practice.

    Health Law and Regulations

    1) Explain the role of governmental regulatory agencies and its effect on the health care industry. 2) Provide at least two examples of laws and regulations currently faced by the health care industry. Examples of such laws may include access to care, discrimination, health care privacy and security, employment, and so on.

    Psychiatric Nurse and Health

    Discuss how a Psychiatric Nurse may use the following approaches: medical, behavioural changes, empowerment, and social policy, to promote health.

    Identifies a surveillance system that addresses diabetes and it's prevalence

    Topic: The National Diabetes Surveillance System provides resources documenting the public health burden of diabetes and its complications in the United States. Go to http://apps.nccd.cdc.gov/DDTSTRS/default.aspx Provide an overview of the surveillance system and the data you reviewed. Please provide the sensitivity, speci

    Compare and Contrast the Health Systems of Vietnam and Jordan

    Please use a comparison and contrast with the health systems of Vietnam and Jordan. This should include the organization, financing, culture, wealth, history and environmental factors. It does not have to include all of them actually you can leave out the organization and financing.

    Impact of Health Policies on Health Services

    What is the impact of health policies on health services in terms of the money, human resources, and technology used to produce these services? Please include a discussion on each of the three areas.

    Accountable Care Organizations

    Select Group has decided to offer the first accountable care plan in a small community of 25,000 people in West Virginia. Accountable care organizations (ACOs) are a new concept, especially in this region. In conducting a consumer survey prior to the introduction of the structure, Select Group finds that attitudes toward a ACOs

    The U.S. Health Care System

    With so many different stakeholders in the health care system, many with powerful political lobbies, it is understandable that the government has been unable to effectively address the problems of cost, access, and quality. With the passing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA), the government has ta

    Reasonable timeframe for implementation of electronic records

    What is a reasonable timeframe for implementation of electronic medical records throughout the United States? Would this timeframe be shorter if the U.S. had a socialized medical system similar to that of many European countries? Why or why not?

    Payment methodologies in health care plans

    Compare and contrast payment methodologies between Fee-For-Service (FFS) and Managed Care Organization (MCO) plans. Discuss problems that Managed Care Organization (MCOs) have experienced when implementing capitation arrangements in specialty-care practices.

    Discussing Healthcare Policy

    Questions: Name two types of organizations which influence health policy and describe their strategies. How have they influenced policy? Has their influence been positive or negative?

    Fears of Obamacare

    One of the greatest fears of the opponents of Obamacare is that they will lose the right to choose their personal physician. While people overwhelmingly report being dissatisfied with the health care system, they also report being satisfied with their personal physician at about the same level. How do you interpret this?

    Financial Structure and Policies of Health Care

    The financial structure and policies of a health care entity can differ by type of ownership, type of services provided, volume or complexity of the services provided, and its surrounding competition. How might the financial structure and policies of a community-owned, stand-alone rural hospital with an attached nursing home dif

    Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Review

    Review the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 and provide: - Background on the topic and previews major points. - Description of the process of how it was developed, who was involved in the development, and their respective roles in development. - Analysis of the policy's or mandate's impact on health care

    Future of Health Care Policy

    Could you please help me with an assignment by providing your opinion on the following topic and illustrating your points with examples. What do you think the future of health care policy will look like in the United States?

    Health care ethics and law

    Please help with the following healthcare policy-related problem. Explain the importance of patient privacy. How can one protect the privacy of one's health records? How can one prove that one's medical privacy was violated? What can be done if one thinks that one's medical privacy was violated?