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    Health Systems and Policy

    Importance of Policy Analysis

    Why is policy analysis an important tool in the development of health care policy? What important information can thorough health policy analysis provide? One-sentence responses are not appropriate and will not receive full credit.

    Government Sponsored Insurance Programs: Medicare and Funding

    Medicare is a government sponsored insurance program. Because the source of Medicare funding comes from taxpayers, could a case be made that funding medical education is disproportionately financed through Medicare? Why or Why not? Please provide a short discussion and include one scholarly reference for the above issue.

    Health Care Policy and Affordable Health Care Act

    A hallmark of President Barack Obama's administration has been the introduction of his Affordable Health Care Act. What are the main goals of the Affordable Health Care Act? Provide an argument for or against its implementation. Make sure to provide evidence to support your position. One-sentence posts is not appropriate.

    Contracts and Antitrust Protocols

    Please respond to the following: Answers need to be just about 2 paragraphs * From the scenario, differentiate between the concepts of criminal law, antitrust, and health care as they apply to U.S. health law in the 21st Century. Conceptualize the primary ways in which these laws apply to U.S. health care administrators. A

    ACA Preparedness and Bundled Payments

    Produce a plan for a theoretical organization to participate in bundled payments. As part of the plan, discuss the challenges that the organization needs to overcome to accept bundled payments for episodes of care, prepare a timeline for implementation, and develop metrics to measure success.

    Communication and Crisis Paper

    Read the following scenario: •In 1979, the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor malfunctioned, releasing radiation into the environment. There were no immediate deaths or injuries resulting from the incident; however, the accident drew much media attention and created concerns in the local area and beyond. The major forms of co

    Does telehealth mean better care for patients?

    It is believed that the internet, telehealth, and new clinical information technology will begin to change the strategies and market structure in health care. How would this affect the health care institutions or how care is delivered? why? Would this be a positive change and for whom?

    Evolution of health care delivery models

    Health care delivery models have evolved over time. What events—social, demographic, economic, political, environmental, or governmental—triggered the various models of health care organizations to come and go?

    Reasons for the Unfathomable Conditions of Patients at Willbrook

    Generally, the steps in a '5 Whys' process are based on fact. However, If one or more of your later 'whys' come from your opinion(s) that would be acceptable so long as you clearly state they are your opinions and defend them. Minimally, each answer should be a substantial and well developed paragraph. Complete the 5 Whys Ana

    Active and Passive Control Recommendation

    For this assignment, you are assuming a role as an occupational health and safety officer for a large paint manufacturer: 'When you review the company's records you notice that an unusual number of early 'middle aged' male employees (those between the ages of 28 to 38) who come into contact with the chemical seem to either have

    Discussing the Fair Labor Standards Act

    Examine the following job description and assess whether or not it can be exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act, i.e. if it can be a salaried position. JOB DESCRIPTION PHILOSOPHY OF SERVICES ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This job carries with it the obligation to respect the dignity and recognize the potential for growth of every in

    New Health System and Policy

    Locate the licensure regulations in Illinois . What are the provisions for the content of a health record? What are the rules regarding the timeliness of completion of a record? Locate any state laws regarding health information or medical records for your state. Are there retention statues? Are references to the costs of provid

    Identifying healthcare providers for a patient with chronic pain

    Choosing a Health Care Provider Numerous resources now exist that allow individuals to make an informed choice of who will provide their medical care. Unfortunately, the average health care consumer is unaware of where to find information about hospitals, medical providers, and insurance coverage. Imagine that you are assisti

    Health Advocacy Campaign

    Please help me with starting a healthcare management project. Here is the criteria: Outline a health advocacy campaign designed to promote policies to improve the health of a Alzheimer's patients.

    Electronic Health Records: The New Standard

    I need some help with answering these questions on electronic health records: •Define electronic health record. •Compare and contrast an electronic health record with a hybrid electronic health record. •Discuss government and private sector intervention in the development of an EHR. •Discuss meaningful use and its

    Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Fraud

    Discuss an area of possible fraud in the EHR environment. How would prevent this from happening. Research the "soft" costs of an EHR Implementation, such as decreased productivity.

    Healthcare Record

    Research the rules and regulations of the State of Ohio, CMS and the Joint Commission. Compare and contrast 2 different requirements for health records from the regulatory agencies. (Any help would be appreciated, I cant find any regs on this)

    SWOT analysis of nonprofit health care clinic

    Construct a 3-5-year strategic plan that is related to a specified health care organization of any choosing. The organization may be not-for-profit or for-profit. Complete a SWOT analysis, and include the following: Internal strengths are related to resources and capabilities that effectively and efficiently allow an organiza

    Failed Health Care Strategy

    Consider the biotechnology failure of Columbia HCA. What were the causes of the failure? Was an inappropriate strategy selected in the first place? If so, exactly why was it inappropriate? Was a reasonably suitable strategy chosen, but then incompetently implemented? In exactly what ways was the implementation faulty?

    Threats and Public Health

    A two-paragraph statement that details the highlights of the development of public health in the U.S. Once this statement has been developed, assess whether or not the structure of organized public health systems in the U.S. appropriately matches the current state of public health. Support your position.

    Turning Healthcare Policy into Legislation

    J.W. Kingdon describes the agenda setting stage of policy formulation as a function of the confluence of three "streams" of activities: problems, possible solutions to the problems, and political circumstances (see Longest page 163). According to this metaphor, all three streams must be present for the policymaking process to mo

    Health Care Informatics Virtual Assistant

    ******Please read the comment of the feasibility and give your reaction to this technology****** Next IT sent its virtual personal assistant tech to medical school. The result is Alme for Healthcare, a virtual health assistant that understands medical language and can have conversations with patients. The goal is to provide a

    Development of U.S. healthcare facilities

    Can you give me some guidelines as to how to answer this question? Describe the development of U.S. healthcare facilities in the 20th and early 21st centuries. What have been the major developments and primary drivers of change in U.S. healthcare facilities over the past one hundred years?

    Health Information Management

    Imagine you are a software developer/inventor. For purposes of this discussion, there are no boundaries. Explain your invention thoroughly (features, costs, training needed to operate, and hardware requirements) and then outline its benefits to the health information system, and its benefits to patients as well.

    Electronic Healthcare Record Value

    Value is the combination of quality and costs. Do you think the EHR's have value? Why or Why not? Provide support to the question. Thank you

    (EHR) Electronic Health Records System

    A Milestone is used in project management to indicate the completion of a specific activity in a project. Milestones must be clear, specific, significant and usually must be met by a specific time if the project is to be on time. People sometimes refer to milestones as goals, and in effect they are, but in project management

    Health care competence evidence-based project implementation

    Strategies for health care cultural competence evidence-based project implementation and evaluation plan Who needs to be brought on board to implement the change? What sought of interprofessional collaboration is required? What are the key messages that each group need to hear? What sort of prepara