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    ACA Preparedness and Bundled Payments

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    Produce a plan for a theoretical organization to participate in bundled payments. As part of the plan, discuss the challenges that the organization needs to overcome to accept bundled payments for episodes of care, prepare a timeline for implementation, and develop metrics to measure success.

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    One of the most pertinent challenges that most be overcome in respect to an organization being able to accept bundled payments for episodes of care, would be for organizational leadership to statistically ascertain as to whether or not it would be more feasible or advantageous for the organization to contract with independent unaffiliated organizations or to contract with or established provider organizations. This will entail organizational leadership conducting a cost-benefit analysis as well as comparing the advantages versus the disadvantages associated with each of these options. This is vitally important due to the fact that the bundled payment arrangement must be as efficient and effective as possible, so that the organization as well as their patients or clients will be able to benefit from and efficient care and payment schedule. This is due to the fact that although we may seem much more efficient and practical to utilize established bundled payment provider organizations such as accountable care organizations, it is also possible that unaffiliated organizations can coordinate their efforts in providing bundled payment services that may be just as efficient and effective as those offered by established bundled payment provider organizations. Therefore, the key challenge would be for organizational leadership to ascertain which of these options provides the greatest number of ...