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    Health Systems and Policy

    Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Review

    Review the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 and provide: - Background on the topic and previews major points. - Description of the process of how it was developed, who was involved in the development, and their respective roles in development. - Analysis of the policy's or mandate's impact on health care

    Future of Health Care Policy

    Could you please help me with an assignment by providing your opinion on the following topic and illustrating your points with examples. What do you think the future of health care policy will look like in the United States?

    Health care ethics and law

    Please help with the following healthcare policy-related problem. Explain the importance of patient privacy. How can one protect the privacy of one's health records? How can one prove that one's medical privacy was violated? What can be done if one thinks that one's medical privacy was violated?


    As a health policy advocate, what primary policy goal guides your decision-making process and why?

    Health Policy and law

    Briefly describe the policy-making process as it relates to health policy in the United States. Then, discuss your role as a public health practitioner and as a potential stakeholder in public health programs. How would your role differ based on whether you were a public health practitioner or a stakeholder? How can you use this


    For this case, please discuss financial implications of the problem.of health care/HIPPA PRIVACY LAWS How would you look at these in the context of an organization? What does the literature say please discuss ethical and legal implications of the health care management issue CONCERNING PRIVACY LAWS AND HIPPA LAWS At l


    Progress in information technology implementation in health care has lagged behind most other information-intensive service sectors. Is this good or bad? What should the federal government do about it?

    Community Health Advocacy Project

    Design a data collection tool that can be used with your aggregate population. Make sure the tool contains the following: Demographics name, birth date, ethnicity, sex, education level, and so forth The questions that you came up with in Part One and any others that you feel would apply Two additional questions that woul

    Health care laws or regulations

    What are ways that health care laws or regulations affect your health care organization or a healthcare organization with which you are familiar?

    Donabedian classification

    In the course text, there is a reference to the Donabedian classification when evaluating quality of care. What three other categories would you add and why? Justify your response: " Donabedian suggested the following classification when evaluating quality of care: â?¢ Access â?¢ Technical management â?¢ Mana

    US Government Checks and Balances

    How does the United States system of government of checks and balances serve to aide or hinder policy formation? What other purpose does this system of government serve in protecting or aiding health care delivery and policy.

    Examine policy formation.

    What impact does the policy formation process have on direct patient care? http://www.ahrq.gov/qual/nhdr03/nhdrsum03.htm

    Medical records are investigated.

    Please explain the following regarding medical records and HIPPA regulations: 1. What are three ways that medical records could be used in court? 2. According to HIPPA and organization policy, are there ways that medical records could be disclosed without patient consent? If so, what might those be? 3. What are some reg

    Nursing leadership and management in health care are discussed.

    The uniting factor of nurses internationally is the desire to deliver care to maximize health of individuals, families, and communities. -Describe the roles of nurses both in the United States and Internationally in delivery of evidence based care, policy development, and professional advocacy -Identifiy the impact of mas

    Healthcare policy is assessed.

    This proposal reveals a community health promotion project to educate the elderly on combating dementia and diabetes. The project consists of passing out brochures describing how healthy food choices can reduce the chances of an individual contracting diabetes or suffering from dementia.  The first step in initiating the projec

    Healthcare reform is discussed.

    How is the Patient and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (the â??Health Care Reform Actâ?) likely to reshape financial arrangements between hospitals, physicians, and other providers if Medicare makes a single payment for all care received by a beneficiary from 72 hours before admission to 30 days after discharge from an inpatient

    Assessment of a medical case

    Patty is a medical assistant in a family practice office. She receives a telephone call from Ms. Smith, the mother of one of the practice's patients. Ms. Smith is concerned about her 19-year-old daughter because her daughter has not been feeling well lately. Ms. Smith's daughter recently saw the doctor but did not share any of t

    Fragmentation of Health Information Systems (HIS)

    An often stated problem with health information systems is fragmentation. Why is this problem? Discuss the various reasons for fragmentation and the perseverance of this despite the growing consensus about integration. What is done to counter this fragmentation, at various levels (global, national, etc)? What are necessary prere

    Proposed Changes for HIPAA

    What topics can be discussed (not previously done) on emerging strategies or proposed changes dealing with HIPAA?

    Brief patient education brochure

    The office manager of the physician practice office where you work has assembled a team to assess the pros and cons of moving from paper-based medical records to computer-based medical records. The office is considered a covered entity under HIPAA regulations. You are a member of that team. After much analysis, the practice has

    Fundamentals of Healthcare Technology

    What is HIPAA? What are 2 major rules of HIPAA that deal with privacy? How can HIPAA affect the way a company does business? What are some ways to protect patient information so that the practice is HIPAA compliant? references please

    Bureaucratization and centralization of health care information eroded medical confidentiality? How important is it that your own medical information be kept private? Have concerns about privacy (or its lack) ever affected decisions you have made about your own health care? Are these cases where society benefits significantly when medical information is released? Do you think that medical confidentiality should be breached in these cases?

    Medical information is one of the most private issues that most people have. I would imagine that young people if they are relatively healthy never even consider these issues. Their parents pay for their health insurance and they may or may not have to work for a living until after graduating from college. As we get older,

    Do you think that the health care in the U.S is a system or not a system?

    Based on this definition of â??systemâ? as a group of independent but interrelated elements comprising a unified whole. I need to get another persons opinion on this question. I think that the health care system as it stands now is not a system but mostly independent. I also feel that right now the health care system has no