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Health Policy Analyses

In the course text, there is a reference to the Donabedian classification when evaluating quality of care. What three other categories would you add and why? Justify your response:

" Donabedian suggested the following classification when evaluating quality of care:

â?¢ Access
â?¢ Technical management
â?¢ Management of interpersonal relationships
â?¢ Continuity of care.

One could easily amplify these categories, but they are a useful starting point (McLaughlin, 1998)."

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Health Policy Analyses:

One of the categories of evaluating quality care is the outcome of costs. Inability to pay and perceived costs are the major impediments to obtaining the needed health care. The magnitude of cost keep many small employers from offering healthcare plans to their staff and is also motivating major corporations to dismantle their employment-based insurance plans for retirees, families and employees (McLaughlin, 2008).

Cost process is the other way of evaluating quality healthcare. There is always evidence of variability in processes through differences in costs across institutions and areas. A substantial amount of gaming goes on between the payment system and the providers. A dermatologist may schedule two visits where the system will not pay for and office procedure and a diagnosis on the same visit. There may also be as many visits as payer money, wasting the patient's time and procedures if the patient needs multiple minor procedures but the payer will not pay for ...

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Health policy analyses are clearly debated.