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    Health Systems and Policy


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    Considering the rising costs of healthcare, and the current economic climate what is the affect of healthcare costs for the individual and their employer (need one source and a minimum of 250 words, not to include the actual question or the citation

    Health care

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    Possible Database Nodels for the FDA Sentinel Initiative

    Hi. I read the following material below: - Sentinel Initiative. - Harvard Medical School's presentation on Defining and Evaluating Possible Database Models to Implement the FDA Sentinel Initiative. I now need to summarize possible database models for the FDA Sentinel Initiative and conclude with some recommendations

    Serving patients in an urban primary care unit case

    You are a physician in a busy urban primary care clinic that is owned by a giant not-for-profit healthcare company, MegaCare. Your patients are primarily low-income (Medicaid), racially and ethnically diverse from you, and you are aware that they frequently canâ??t make appointments due to economic barriers, including the $10

    Discussion on Board of Directors Practice

    Read the "Bankruptcy of Allegheny Health Education and Research Foundation (HERF) on page 368 of the course text. Select one of the board's practices. Identify and discuss the problems with the practice you have selected. Suggest ways the practice could be modified/changed in order to eliminate the problems you identified. S

    Discussing a rising concept in healthcare delivery

    Write a detailed discussion that addresses the following: a) Describe the components of a healing hospital and their relationship to spirituality. b) What are the challenges of creating a healing environment in light of the barriers and complexities of the hospital environment? c) Include any biblical aspects that you belie


    How does HR in a health care setting affect productivity of existing staff?

    Describe how the regulatory compliance in healthcare works.

    What is the historical evolution of regulatory policies in the health care industry? Describe the oversight agency. Describe the impetus for the policy; how the policy is implemented, including problems or loopholes/weaknesses in implementation. What are the penalties for violation associated with each regulatory compliance law?

    Health Policy Change Memo

    Write a memo to an appropriate government agency requesting a change in the policy or program you have selected. The policy or program must be health care related and current, such as a request for additional funding for a mental health program for indigent person. Clearly identify stakeholders (patients, professional g


    Read the article "Five Myths of Socialized Medicine" at http://www.cato.org/pubs/catosletter/catosletterv3n1.pdf. React to the article. Do you agree or disagree with the facts cited? Can you verify the facts? Do the facts as stated in the article support the conclusions? What do the conclusions imply for healthcare policy? H

    Health Care: Government vs Private Organizations

    There is no doubt that the government and private organizations influence healthcare culture and policy. What are the differences in the government's and private organizations' approaches to influence on healthcare cultures and policy development?

    U.S. health care system

    Can some help with this question What is one strength you see in the current U.S. health care system? What is one weakness you see? List and describe one of the challenges facing the U.S. health care systemion?

    The effects of HIPAA regulations

    What are the effects of HIPAA regulations on program evaluation? How would these influence collecting data at your organization?

    External environments

    (Hospital) 1). An analysis of the external environment is an important aspect of being able to strategically manage an organization. Identify and briefly discuss two areas to consider when trying to determine the impact of competition as a part of an environmental analysis. 2). Why is it important for an organization to c

    The Nuremberg Code and Declaration of Helsinki

    1. Discuss the Nuremberg Code and Declaration of Helsinki in relation to the United States Federal Regulations (45CFR46) on research with human subjects. Questions and issues that you might want to address include, but are not limited to: Human beings have a tendency to deny the truth, particularly when it has to do with ethical

    HIPAA (1966) and Protected Health Information

    1. In what circumstances are health care providers required to report otherwise protected health information and to whom? 2. Are the recently issued HIPAA regulations regarding transmission, privacy and security of protected health information necessary, regardless of the burden and cost of compliance?

    Medical Record Security

    I need some help on how to start and some references. I really appreciate the help. The following Scenario: In a service-related Health Care organization with a staff to patient ratio of approximately 1:100, your role is to assess the quality of security of patient medical records. What technology threats might this org

    HIPAA Implementation

    Please identify the four sets of standards and why they are important to HIPAA implementation. Do you need to implement all four sets? Yes and No, why? Explain. please use APA citations, and answer in essay format please? hanks.