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    A Debate of Whether the Health Care in the U.S is a System

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    Based on this definition of â??systemâ? as a group of independent but interrelated elements comprising a unified whole. I need to get another persons opinion on this question. I think that the health care system as it stands now is not a system but mostly independent. I also feel that right now the health care system has no central governing agency with little integration and coordination. Now of course we will see whether it becomes ia integrated system with the new health care reform?

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    I feel, using the stated definition, health care in the US IS a system. We have the US governmental Indian Health Service, Medicaid, Medicare, nonprofit hospitals and clinics, where those are two independent entities. The former institutions are governmental and the later, while they may glean financial or other governmental benefits, they are not actually governmental health care providers.

    Then there are for-profit hospitals, which primarily restrict services to those who pay out of pocket or have insurance. I believe most all service providers will offer care, if an emergency arises. These providers often have a group of select doctors and specialists.

    Finally, there are those licensed professionals that offer medical services independently, apart from any other entity. Some may have an affiliation with a hospital and others may work entirely independently.

    I really feel inclined to add one other factor in 'the system,' and that is the alternative medicine people, where they may not be in the mainstream but ARE recognized by the federal government (as noted on ...

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    A discussion about how the present health care system IS a system, based on the current foundation of branches and departmental interconnectedness. Supportive details are offered.