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Community Considerations for the Healthcare Organization

Identify 6 to 8 values a healthcare organization should embrace and enact to be accepted by the community and by the individuals it serves.

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Values a health care organization should adopt and implement to be accepted in the community and by patients are:

1. Written policies on fees, cancellations and setting appointments, including any specific days or hours set aside for certain procedures and days and hours set aside for general office appointments, follow ups and consultations. The policy should include how far in advance appointments need to be canceled, in order to not assess a fee and how much that fee is if the appointment is not canceled with enough prior notice. The policy should include how physicians can be reached after hours or in an emergency, or who to contact.

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this document provides an explanation of several values a healthcare organization should adopt, to increase the likelihood of acceptance within a community. Among the suggestions are values that focus on customer service and efficient treatment of patients, as well as providing competence in care and knowing when to refer to outside sources.