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    Health Policy Change Memo

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    Write a memo to an appropriate government agency requesting a change in the policy or program you have selected. The policy or program must be health care related and current, such as a request for additional funding for a mental health program for indigent person.

    Clearly identify stakeholders (patients, professional groups, and taxpayers), the background or history of the policy, the change desired, and the rationale or effect of the change.

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    Re: Policy Change in Baucus Bill

    The Baucus bill was recently drafted by Sen. Max Baucus, chair of the Senate Finance Committee in an attempt to write a bipartisan health care reform bill. The bill requires that everyone buys health care insurance. So far, so good it seems. However, unfortunately, the bill fails to address the need for low insurance premiums or co-pays, or fair coverage for those individuals with pre-existing medical conditions. In fact, the bill allows insurers to increase health costs as we age, and places a tax burden on high-cost insurance plans on individuals and families. Those ...

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    Memo to a government agency on health policies.